Canali Men Spring 2023 cover

Canali Men’s Spring 2023 Milan

Milan, 19th June, Chiostri di San Barnaba. For the Spring 2023 Canali takes a trip to the Italian Riviera. Liguria, to be precise.

Canali takes the modern gentlemen to Liguria – its crescent-shaped coastline, gentle shores and cobbled piazzette: here is where the #CanaliSS23 collection is born and lives.

The Ligurian palette plays protagonist throughout the #CanaliSS23 collection. the realms of formal and leisurewear connect in a place where purity is prized over pretension.

Canali’s friends enjoyed the picturesque and fresh atmosphere of the #CanaliSS23 presentation during #MilanFashionWeek. Swipe left to discover their #Canali1934looks.

Pictures by @felipecordeiro 

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