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Men And Diamonds

The fashion industry has benefited immensely from globalization. Concepts from around the world are spun into works of art in ever-transforming ways, increasingly inclusive of all. Art is for all, and ideas around liberating fashion from the shackles of gender and racial norms have been stripping traditionally rigid norms. Change is particularly apparent in jewelry.   

The Alta Gioielleria creations include a pink gold “DG7 Gems full pavé” watch and a detachable yellow and white gold brooch-pendant embellished with rhodolite garnets, rubies and diamonds. The look is enriched with rings in yellow and white gold that boast various precious stones.

Men have begun to embrace the sparkle too, and for good reasons: the statement and sleekness it lets one bring. With old brands like Tiffany announcing men’s diamond rings for the first time in their history, now is the time we discuss men and diamonds. 

  1. Rings

Men who prefer to look professional usually opt for silver tones, and free spirits don’t discriminate as long as they see their style reflected in jewelry. With rings, you have endless possibilities to depict your personality. If you tend to like thin bands, you can opt to have miniature diamonds studded around one. If you have bolder tastes, go for a geometric, sharply angled ring face with one prominent diamond.

If you prefer bands but do not prefer subtlety, you can go for a band that has a flat face on one side, giving it a rectangular look when you wear it; look for one with tiny diamonds fixed within. For sharp jewelry, look for Marquise cut, and for a traditionally royal look, go for ovals or circles, or maybe a cushion. Let your personality show through your gemstone

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  1. Cufflinks 

Not every man likes to wear jewelry, but precious stones can be incorporated into other statement accessories, and cufflinks are one such item. Cufflinks are one way to show your tastes in a toned-down yet powerful manner. If you prefer more metal than stone, you can choose to have small diamonds set within larger metal plates. On the other hand, if you don’t mind flashing the stone, go for large ones. Cufflinks are not as prominent as rings or ear studs, so you can go bold yet retain the subtlety.

  1. Pendants
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Conventionally, men wear longer pendants than women, but this isn’t set in stone. Now, these accessories are much more customizable than rings, so you have an open canvas to paint on. However, do keep in mind that one’s tastes are prone to change, so opting for timeless shapes and patterns as compared to quirky icons and characters may be more prudent. 

  1. Watches

Many companies can add diamonds to your watch, mostly on the bezel. You don’t have to get the entire rim studded; four or two symmetric ones can do the job just as well. The dial can do just well with one of these graceful stones. If you’re not into jewelry, a watch with a diamond can be your way of showcasing your taste. 

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Sustainability in Fashion: Cleaner Diamonds

With every action comes responsibility. Just because you want to radiate power does not mean indigenous communities and animals have to bear the brunt of the cost. Though now many firms are acting responsibly, the mining industry has been disrupting the environment and people for decades. Now, you have more information available at your fingertips. There’s a good chance that you won’t be spending routinely on diamonds. It’s an expense one bears only a few times, if not once in a lifetime, so choose carefully. If you’re going with mined diamonds, look in detail at the origin and the company involved in the mining activity. Do not contribute to reckless behavior, and make sure you’re supporting ethical activities.

A better option increasingly becoming available now is going for lab-grown diamonds. You get the exact same thing chemically and physically without skinning the Earth. They’re more affordable and easier to find as well.

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The world is transforming, moving towards greater acceptance, and leaving unreasonable gender and fashion norms behind. If you’re into accessories, think about getting a diamond. You can get it embedded in an ear stud or maybe a cufflink. Just make sure you go for something that reflects your tastes so well that you never regret it. Clean, lab-grown diamonds are one very ethical way of moving ahead.   If you want to cut costs but retain all the beauty of the diamond, you can go for VVS diamonds. These are very slightly less clear, but the imperfections are only barely visible in 10X magnification. Remember that a diamond’s clarity has nothing to do with its beauty, so you have VS, SI, and I options available as well. Go for what suits you the most, don’t look at superficial values to please the world.

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