Can Men Wear Gemstones?

Can Men Wear Gemstones?

It’s typical for women to buy some jewelry to serve as an accessory to their outfits. And since gemstones successfully invaded the fashion industry, it’s a common practice to avail various types of stone designs.

However, men have become more open with the idea of incorporating a statement piece in their style. With that said, we recommend going after the gemstone jewelry at Kumi for a more comprehensive selection of products of your choice.

How can I use gemstones to highlight my style?

It’s a shared fear among men that they’ll appear feminine for wearing jewelry, and though that’s an understandable problem, it doesn’t mean that they look down on feminine people regardless of gender.

It’s just their preference to express their masculine traits.

Fortunately, a minimalist approach is suitable to achieve this goal when dealing with accessories.

Keep your necklace long.

Short-chain pieces aren’t your go-to option if you have a corporate job, as this appears unprofessional in formal settings. But long pieces that you could hide underneath your buttoned shirt or jacket are deemed acceptable.

On average, necklaces have chains around 50 cm, which fall on the collarbone between the shirt’s top two buttons. At the same time, a pendant necklace chain should be 55 to 63 cm in length to allow it to finish at the middle of your chest.

Of course, you’re free to experiment with what you think is best for you.

Harry Styles using Gemstones necklace

If you want a form-fitting necklace that could be visible on your shirt, you should opt to find a chain length of roughly 35 to 45 cm. Yet, what if you’d also like to integrate other types of necklaces?

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The answer is simple: Ensure that the chain length is 55 cm or 61 cm maximum to ensure that your costume jewelry would land between your chest and compliment your other necklaces, such as dog tags or medallions.

Other than permitting you to mix various styles in one outfit, the measurements could also highlight your inner or outer part of your shirt—that could be beneficial if you like to showcase some physical features.

Now, if you’re a self-confessed showstopper, we recommend buying a necklace with a 61 to 76 cm chain length since this is designed to be worn on the exterior section of your shirt in a thicker chain or a larger pendant for an additional spotlight.

Sleeping On the Beach | V MAN
Coat ETRO, Necklace Luis Morais, chain Necklace David Yurman.

A stainless steel necklace of Golden Leaf Charm in a plated real 18 K gold is one of our top picks that are stylish yet still embody the aura of professionalism on your behalf if you’re an individual who’s just looking for an everyday look using gemstones.

Let a bracelet accommodate your fashion needs.

Bracelets have gone a long way from their initial primitive grass designs to the new, modern styles.

It is the trendiest accessory for men as it promotes simplicity yet still helps them stand out from the crowd.

The White Bodhi Lotus Charm bracelet, for instance, is a good option for gemstone jewelry made of lotus flower charm and beads.

In general, diamond beads come in different layers and sizes, making them suitable for daily wear. Then add some gemstones in there to keep anxiety at bay instead of interfering with your activities.

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Bodhi is a Sanskrit word that translates to “awakened” or “enlightened” in English. On the other hand, the lotus flower represents self-awareness, patience, compassion, and love.

Can Men Wear Gemstones?

Just keep in mind to wear a metallic bracelet if your outfit is blue or black, which immediately elevates your appearance to others. And refrain from wearing one if you have full sleeves, as this could be seen as an eyesore.

Who said men couldn’t love and wear gemstones, too? Of course, we all know that with style, everything is attainable!

  1. I have used gemstones since before internet, and I love it. Great suggestions.

  2. Men’s gemstone rings have a dazzling appearance. Gemstone rings and bracelets have been a part of my jewelry collection for three years. Thank you also for sharing this great information.

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