How Can We Differentiation The Herb Kratom By Their Vein Colors and Origin

How Can We Differentiation The Herb Kratom By Their Vein Colors and Origin

According to research, diversification of Kratom plant is either due to the maturity of the plant or region to which it is native to. This plant is native to Southeast lands where this herb is now used frequently to treat various ailments.

How Can We Differentiation The Herb Kratom By Their Vein Colors and Origin

You might have come across green vein, white vein and red vein leaves. They have their characteristic colour on the leaf vein or their stem. Whatever the leaf colour is, upon drying they are finely ground to powder or converted to capsules. Depending on their region and the time they are harvested, each kratom strain represents their own physiological characteristics.

Plant which is immature on harvesting, gives white strain Kratom. The green vein represents a stage of ripening, while the red depicts a fully mixed plant being harvested.

This article is a complete guide to differentiate kratom as per their vein or geographical regions.

Kratom Strain With Different Vein 

If you are interested in Kratom, following things shall be known to you for better understanding. There are three physical differentiations of Kratom leaf as per their veins which includes:

  • White vein
  • Green vein 
  • Red vein 

White vein

This type of kratom strain is a young harvested form of the plant. And this variant is picked by those who prefer having an enhanced experience. The beginners might find it a bit high, but once done, they prefer having it again. They are quite rare as it requires controlled sunlight exposure which makes it quite expensive.

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Since this variety is harvested at an early age, thus this represents a high mitragynine profile. This high concentration is one reason to make it potent. Due to this, it is often mixed with red vein strain to optimise the effect.

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White vein variants are known for their pacifying effect. They are considered the best mild stimulants by the Kratom users. 

Physiological Effects

  1. Boosts cognitive abilities 
  2. Energy boost 
  3. Alertness 
  4. Better mental focus
  5. Euphoric sensations
Types of White Strains
  1. White Thai: It is from thailand. White thai strain contains a more profound alkaloid profile than any other Kratom strain.It is potentially a great energy booster.
  2. White Bali: it is a classic white strain. It renders focus boosting and enhanced energy effects. 6-7grams of it are considered safe. This strain can provide you with a pain-relieving effect also.

Green Vein 

It is a medium level strain in terms of maturity. Green vein is harvested at the time of ripening. This strain has opiate-like characteristics. This property makes green strain a best alternative to quit opioid drugs. Physicians often recommend taking green vein Kratom together with opioids as they themselves get attached to opioid receptors, thus releasing them unused. 

Green strain kratom ameliorates anxiety by rendering a relaxing effect to the user.

Due to its jittery effects, it substitutes espresso with other boosting extracts. The effects of a single ingestion stay for quite long. 

How Can We Differentiation The Herb Kratom By Their Vein Colors and Origin

Physiological Effects

  1. Increased vigour
  2. Relaxant 
  3. Mood lift 
  4. Helps relieve sadness, anxiety and depression.
Types of Strains 

Green Bali: Green Bali has a surge of optimism and motivation associated with them. 

Green maly: It gives mild analgesic effects with enhanced cognitive capabilities. 

Green Indo: To prevent overwhelming, Green indo works great. 

Green Borneo: This type of green strain helps you feel energetic and upbeat. 

Red vein 

In order to get red vein strain, you have to wait till the complete maturation. This variety carries the most balanced alkaloid concentration in them. Red vein consists of a maximum level of 7 hydroxy-mitragynine.

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To get the best red strain, a lot of controlled sunlight and UV lamps are used until fully mature. After this, they are dried to get powder. Red kratom is also fermented while processing to get bentuangie Kratom. 

As far its potency is concerned, it is mild and mellow. 

Physiological effects:

  1. Creates a mild stimulation. 
  2. Possibility to feel euphoric 
  3. Anti-inflammatory 
  4. Relieves anxiety and high-blood pressure. 

Kratom With Different Origin 

As Kratom differs in their colour or vein, they also differ on the basis of their origin. This plant is indigenous to Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Following are some types with different origins:

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Maeng Da Kratom Strain

This strain originates from Thailand. Thailand weather and soil suits best for growing Kratom. It has humid air and acidic soil. 

This strain was early used for making various festive beverages on different occasions. Most of the Maeng Da variants are formed by blending three basic types of kratom i.e green, red and white. Red maeng da is one such type that is formed by blending 60% of red and 40% of green vein. 

On the basic of anecdotal data, maenga kratom renders following cognitive effects:

  1. Anti-depressant 
  2. Increased Stamina
  3. Improved concentration and focus 
  4. Better productivity while performing multiple tasks at a time.

It is safe to consume only 2-3 grams of it. High doses might result in stomach issues, dizziness, and irritability. 

Indo Kratom Strains 

These strains have an Indonesian origin. It is very popular among the kratom community. This strain works great for the beginners as it does not create an overwhelming effect. It is rich in both mitragynine and hydroxy mitragynine. Among its red,green and white variants, red is known for pain relieving potentials. It also makes a person forget to worry and feel euphoric.

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Borneo Kratom Strains 

Borneo is rich with climate and biodiversity. Kratom plants are harvested here in their rainforests. These Kratom strains are used to alleviate discomfort associated with different ailments.

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