The Best Christmas Shoes for Men to Wear this Holiday Season

Christmas is a festive season with a lot of gatherings and parties. Along with the outfit, your shoes are equally important to get a perfectly stylish look. Women have plenty of options to wear on any occasion, but when it comes to men, it will become more difficult for them to find the best Christmas shoes for men. 


But you don’t need to explore Google all day to find the best festive footwear. Because we’ve put together a list of some best Christmas men’s shoes, you can make your look perfect and trendy with the perfect pair of shoes this holiday season. This article covered casual sneakers to formal oxfords. You can wear these shoes at an office Christmas party or a gathering with friends and family this festive season. Here are some suggestions for the best shoes to wear this Christmas and get ready to celebrate the festival holidays in style.

Snow boots

If you are planning to celebrate your Christmas outdoors or make a snowman this Christmas with your kids, snow boots for men are a good choice. They are warm and comfortable and protect your feet from getting wet. They have really good sole traction that prevents slipping in the snow and makes you feel cozy. You can wear these boots  casually with jeans or chinos with a T-shirt or sweatshirt. For a more formal look, try to wear them with a sophisticated suit for Christmas parties at the office.

Oxford shoes

Men’s Oxford shoes are another popular classic choice among men. They are typically made up of leather with pointed toes. Oxford shoes have versatile designs but have one thing in common that are their sleek design. They are versatile, stylish, and cozy and help you to stay on trend. They are mostly dressed in formal outfits because of their sophisticated look. If you want a classy and modern look then these boots are the best.

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Monk Strap Carmina Shoe

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are one of the most trendy boots to wear at Christmas. They have a well-defined shaft and mostly pointed toes. Instead of laces or buckles, they have side elastic to hold your feet. That elastic made its easy slip-on design. They are the commomly used  pair of shoes that can go with different outfits in your wardrobe. It will not be wrong to consider Chelsea boots as one of the best Christmas shoes for men. Whether you are dressing up for your office or a random day out with your friends, they will make you look stylish. They come in versatile designs and colors with different materials. Try brown or black Chelsea boots if you want a more subtle look.  

Stone suede zip boots


Loafers are another one of the best Christmas shoes for men if you want style, comfort, and durability. They have two parts: a rubber sole and an upper part, mostly leather. They are always low cut, and it is preferred to wear no socks or short socks that cannot be visible. They normally have a slip-on design, and they usually have buckles or laces, but that has nothing to do with fitting. The versatile designs and styles make it easy to wear with different outfits. Brown, black and tan colors are mostly worn in loafers for a more formal look. They gave you a perfect look for a official meeting or at a friend’s gathering.

Adam Peny Loafer Town Shoe


Are you looking for the versatile and most comfortable option to wear? Then try sneakers! They are one of the best Christmas shoes for men that will look cool at Christmas parties. Sneakers are lightweight shoes having a rubber sole and an upper part. The upper part comprises different materials, from leather, suede, and mesh to the fabric. They are primarily made for physical activities, but now they are widely used casually because of their comfort level and various designs. They usually have laces to tie for proper fitting. For the Christmas edition, specially designed sneakers also came in the market with trees, Santa Claus, or various patterns.

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Common Projects Sneakers *MR PORTER Exclusive


Brogues are an eternal style of shoes for men who want a more formal look this Christmas. They are low-heeled shoes with different pointed toes, including wing tips, semi-brogues, quarter brogues, and full brogues. Decorative perforation in the upper part makes them ideal for semi-formal attire and looks stylish. These shoes are prepared with leather, synthetic or suede with many designs or patterns. They give you a stylish look for both of your offices or parties. Unlike other Christmas shoes, brogues can be worn all year round. They can be dressed formally in a dress shirt, suit, and tie, but if you want to be dressed casually, pair them with jeans.

Thom Browne Longwing Brogues


Christmas is very busy and full of excitement, parties, and dance that will hurt your feet. Nothing is more comfortable than a pair of good slippers to relax your feet from uncomfortable shoes. Slippers are indoor shoes perfect for home parties or family gatherings. For extra calm and comfort, select the faux fur slippers. You can also try cushioned slip-on slippers with a rubber sole for a better grip. These shoes are good for men who are not fond of dress shoes or want something relaxing and cloud soft on their feet after dancing.

Nike Sandals Sandal Slippers Slipper Men Women Unisex Black White Shoe Flip Flop

Final verdict

Nothing is as frustrating as being unable to find the best Christmas shoes for men during the festive season. Men can find it difficult to shop for because they have different needs from women, and sometimes buy something they don’t need or already have in their wardrobe. To solve this issue, we have picked the best shoes, each having a unique design and giving a verge to any outfit. You need to select the shoes  that goes perfectly with  your outfit and personality and enjoy it with a classy look.

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