Nicky Champa in Naked Photos And People Is Crazy About it

Nicky Champa in Naked Photos Reveals How People Is Crazy ’bout him on the ‘gram.

Nicky Champa

In the first set of the pictures posted on October 29, Nicky titled: AHS: the influencer. Reaching 140 thousands likes, and people just went crazy, commenting “Your hard work and dedication really shows.” or “That’s an amazing photoshoot I love this 😍”

Nicky Champa

Posted on Sunday in Calabasas California, Nicky reveled his new set of artsy pictures on the gram. Everybody went nuts about him. Reaching 143K likes, comments like “These pics seem like something that would be on the wall next to Mona Lisa.”

Nicky Champa

The pictures revealed in the gram, are stunning, a set of beauty shots edited in dark-filthy filters, where the main focus is Nicky.

Nicky Champa

“What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!”

Whole new level, Nick reaches and attracts people just like a magnet. “OMGosh!! I’m watching this now, it’s EXTREMELY intense!!” comments on the set revealing so much skin, where you can see his well-toned fit body. Yes Pierre is a lucky guy!

Nicky Champa

People’s reaction went from comments like “Beautiful art piece ❤️❤️🔥” ” Absolute work of art. Congratulations.👏❤️” to criticizing that he was showing so much skin. Even though he’s a married man. LOL.

“Damn! These are stunning! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽” Nicky on TikTok reaches 12.7 Millions of people where he showing videos every single day. No doubt he’s a major star on TT.

Nicky Champa

Nicky doesn’t credit a photographer, if you know who’s the photographer, please let us know. We’re just mesmerized by this pictures.

But people on IG where so happy to see this: “That’s an amazing photoshoot I love this 😍”

Nicky Champa

Enjoy the set, we’re running out of here, remember you can find a nice interview we did to Nicky & Pierre last year.

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About Nicky

TikTok star and actor who is known for his popular nickychampa TikTok account, which has earned over 12 million fans. His acting credits include Deadlocked and 100 Years or Less. He has also been featured in prank, reaction and couples content on his YouTube account. 

Nicky Champa

He studied acting at New York University, but dropped out and moved to Los Angeles.  His first big acting role was in the music video for the Travis Scott song “Don’t Play.” He also sells sweat suits and other merchandise on nickyandpierre.com. 

He was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in Manlius, New York, outside of Syracuse. He has a brother named Timmy. He was raised by his single mother, Kelley Champa. His boyfriend is fellow TikTok creator Pierre Amaury Bouvier, and together they run the Nicky and Pierre YouTube channel.

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