Menagerie Intimates Catalogue 2023 covert

Menagerié Intimates For Your Viewing Pleasure

Brand MENAGERIÉ Intimates presents 2023 catalogue made in Italy, using high-quality, premium materials for men only.

MENAGERIÉ Intimates offers luxury underwear, nightwear and swimwear designed exclusively for the masculine form. As an industry leader in the concept of men’s lingerie, MENAGERIÉ hopes to assist in changing the discourse on gender-specific intimates by introducing a new era of underwear for men. Combining styles and fits many men are accustomed to with fabrics traditionally reserved women’s lingerie. All the while providing the quality and craftsmanship expected of a luxury brand.

High Waist Control Brief in the “Rose Signature Edition” lace.

Rose Signature Edition

The “Rose Signature Edition” lace is a custom design created by MENAGERIÉ’s founder Roman Sipe and brought to life by Italian lace manufacturing company Tessitura Colombo Antonio.

The original design includes Roses and the MENAGERIÉ logo throughout, inspired by black roses and the fact that they do not occur in nature organically. Yet, still carry such a heavy symbolism in history and current culture. In ancient Greek and Roman civilization, black roses symbolized strenght and power, and were often tied to masculinity. Today besides just being chic, they represent hope, rebirth, eternal love and mystery.

Body Positivity
Starting this brand has really opened its eyes to the need to promote body positivity towards men. Most media outlets portray the "perfect man" as tall, lean, and muscular. This image reinforces toxic masculinity by manipulating the brand perception of men and their relationships with their bodies. MENAGERIÉ aims to change that by representing every man. The brand is working to cast more men of color, extended size men, trans men, and older men to express this luxury experience is meant to be enjoyed by all.

Male Sensuality

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MENAGERIÉ hopes to exhibit the best quality of fashion, self-expression! Men are rarely given permission to express themselves sexually. The brand is here to simply provide an opportunity and an atmoshpehere for all men to express themselves sensually.

The "Rose Signature Edition” core lace collection
Pure Romance The “Rose Signature Edition” core lace collection.

Founder Roman Sipe

An entrepreneur at heart. Roman is the founder of MENAGERIÉ Intimates, an industry leader in the concept of Men’s lingerie. This achievement lead to him being named Creative Director of Menswear at Luxury Lingerie Brand Cosabella in 2022. His passion to expand the notions of Men’s Beauty and Fashion, is evident through his works as a creative Director, designer, model and editorial stylist.

Photography Michael Oliver Love @michaeloliverlove
Creative Director Roman Sipe @romansipe
MENAGERIÉ Intimates @menagerieintimates
Shop https://menagerieintimates.com

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