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Cristiano Ronaldo presents ‘Lust’ for CR7 Underwear Campaign

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-renowned football player, and he has used his fame and popularity to launch a successful underwear brand called CR7 Underwear. The brand has been successful in part due to Ronaldo’s reputation as a fashion icon, and he has promoted it through various campaigns.

Cristiano Ronaldo presents 'Lust' for CR7 Underwear Campaign

One of them, we know, is a very powerful smelling cologne, and one of them is an underwear line. Cristiano is the creative inspiration for the line and the campaign model every season; presumably because he has more abs than even the highest paid professional fitness models.

Cristiano Ronaldo presents 'Lust' for CR7 Underwear Campaign
Wear your best essences this Valentine’s Day.
Cristiano Ronaldo presents 'Lust' for CR7 Underwear Campaign

Some people may criticize the brand’s campaigns for being overly sexualized or objectifying women, as they often feature Ronaldo in revealing poses with scantily clad models. Others may argue that this is simply a marketing strategy aimed at appealing to the brand’s target audience and that it’s no different from other fashion campaigns.

Always lust for something greater 💪

Regardless of one’s perspective, it’s worth noting that the CR7 brand has been successful and has gained a significant following worldwide. Ultimately, the success of the brand and its marketing campaigns will depend on the perception of the target audience, and whether or not they find the messaging appealing.

Bring luxury and passion to your Valentine's Day. Make this day more vibrant with #CR7UNDERWEAR ❤️‍🔥
Bring luxury and passion to your Valentine’s Day. Make this day more vibrant with #CR7UNDERWEAR ❤️‍🔥

The latest CR7 by Cristiano Ronaldo underwear collection is a little more intense than usual. Since it launched in 2013 the line has been focused on bold colors, contrast piping, and the occasion graphic stripe. This time around the prints are comprised of smoldering flames and EKG monitor readings—or are those ocean waves? Judging by the palm-leaf backdrop of the campaign, and the statement Ronaldo released on the collection, there is a beach theme to the range. “People mostly see the more serious, focused side to my personality so I wanted this campaign to show my more relaxed side,” he said.

While this type of underwear doesn’t exactly scream “relaxed” to us, we do appreciate Ronaldo’s entrepreneurial spirit, ability to know his audience, and the fact that his seasonal imagery helps shame us all into going to the gym more than twice a week. Because summer is coming and none of us are EKG monitor-underwear ready.

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You can see Ronaldo playing at the AI-Nassr.

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