NHoolywood RTW Fall 2023 NY

N. Hoolywood Ready To Wear Fall 2023 New York

This season the brand created a colorful collection inspired by surfing and mountaineering.

N. Hoolywood designer Daisuke Obana this season continued his design ethos of creating functional clothing by taking inspiration from outdoor-inspired workwear. 

Obana explained the collection was inspired by “outdoor wear and its relationship in casual fashion today.” The collection looks to the ‘70s and ‘90s, namely the clothing worn by surfers and mountaineers, but brought in a modern touch with loose, streetwear-inspired silhouettes and bold prints.

A mashup of streetwear, workwear and outerwear that can work for the city or mountains. 

“The collection is reimagined with enhanced functionality, accessibility and a new minimalism, reconstructed outdoor wear by abstracting the design.”

Obana said.

Key pieces

An oversize mountain parka created in collaboration with Woolrich that blends a red tartan print with a sage green nylon fabric and features a drawstring closure, which adds a functional element. Obana also highlighted the collection’s “Mountain Light” Danner hiking shoes, which draw inspiration from a dress shoe. 

The eclectic mix of fabrics and the functional workwear give the collection a more streetwear-heavy vibe than in the past.

Art Director: Motoko Marui @_motty_
 Photographer: Genki Ito (symphonic) @itogenki
Photographer Assistant : Fumika Ishigaki / Yasuaki Makise / Ikumi Matsuo
DP: Yu Ogura @ogura.ankoman
DIT: Rikiya Sakuma
1st CA: Kohei Okada
2nd CA: Kaito Furuyoshi
Editor: Goro Ushijima
Music: Mishio Horiuchi (Opus Inn)
Lighting Director: Yasunori Sugiyama
Lighting Assistant: Akihiko Murata / Keita Nakayama / Masaki Ohori
Set Designer: Shutaro Yaguchi
Set Design Assistant: Saori Hazama / Saki Nihei
Stylist: TEPPEI @stylist_teppei
Stylist Assistant: Taira Sakamoto
Hairstylist: Takayuki Shibata (SIGNO) @takayukishibata
Hairstylist Assistant: Natsuo
Makeup Artist: Tamayo Yamamoto @tamayoyamamoto
Makeup Assistant: SAKURA
Stage Director: Ayumi Okada
Producer: Shinichiro Hamajima (Officeroom) @shinhama76
Production: Officeroom Inc. @officeroom_inc
Special thanks: Masaki Ogino(XM)

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