Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt

The Hunk of Season 3 of Ted Lasso is Phil Dunster

The Hunk of Season 3 of Ted Lasso is Phil Dunster– not Zava. Enjoy this recompilation of hot images of the actor.

Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt

Phil Dunster is a British actor who has gained popularity in recent years for his impressive performances on both stage and screen. He is best known for his role as Jamie in the hit TV series “Ted Lasso,” which has garnered critical acclaim and a massive fan base.

Dunster was born in the UK and trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He began his career in theater, performing in productions such as “The Seagull” and “The Bodyguard.” He has also appeared in several TV shows, including “Humans” and “Strike Back.”


Dunster’s breakthrough role came in 2020 when he was cast as Jamie Tartt in “Ted Lasso.” His portrayal of the brash and arrogant footballer has earned him rave reviews, with many praising his ability to bring depth and nuance to a character that could have easily been one-dimensional.

The Sunday Times author Alice Jones, write about it. Dunster, 30, who is polite, well spoken and thoughtful — all things Tartt is emphatically not — says that Tartt “is the perfect example of non-linear emotional progress. I love that because that’s all of us. We all learn lessons, try to implement them, fail, then try again. In season three he is still often his own worst enemy, but he’s trying now at least.” If that sounds quite deep for a sitcom about football, it’s in keeping with a show that has been hailed for its healthy take on masculinity and mental health.

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The first series of Ted Lasso came out in 2020 and was a lockdown hit, for its joyful camaraderie, cosy charm and what the Peabody awards called its “radical optimism” (it won one in 2021). “It struck a nerve, because it was at a time when lots of people felt very disconnected due to the pandemic, politics,” Dunster says. “It was like, ‘Let’s put all that aside and just try to be nice.’ ” The England captain Harry Kane is a fan. “He said, ‘You capture something about being a footballer that isn’t normally captured,’ ” Dunster says, beaming.

Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt2

Next Dunster will appear in the second series of the creepy parenting horror The Devil’s Hour opposite Jessica Raine and he has just joined the cast for the second series of Surface, another Apple TV+ drama, opposite Gugu Mbatha-Raw. He lives with his girlfriend, Eleanor Heydon, a director, who has just finished shooting Dreamland, a new drama for Sky with Lily Allen. Last year the couple made a short film together, Pragma, about an institute where students undergo intense algorithmic assessment to find their perfect partner. It was executive produced by Sudeikis, co-stars Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed and has just been picked up for a TV series. Dunster is now directing his own short film — “about a guy who can see metaphors and it’s ruining his life” — executive produced by Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein. Talk about team spirit.

Jamie Tartt famous bum!

The cold open of Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4 “Big Week”on Apple TV+ is a gift for Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) fans. 

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“We start at four so you can do three workouts a day instead of two,” Roy says to a half-asleep Jamie. “Now get dressed or I’ll start flicking your balls.”

Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt2
We soon learn Roy’s not joking about that threat to Jamie’s testicles. As the younger footballer walks away the camera reveals that while he’s wearing a grey cotton t-shirt, he’s completely nude below the belt. Roy shakes his head in disapproval, but Ted Lasso star, EP, and writer Brett Goldstein laughed the scene off when Decider asked him about it recently.

“What day don’t I see Phil Dunster’s bum?” Goldstein said laughing. “You know, I mean, like, name a day of the week that doesn’t happen.”

We soon learn the reason why Jamie’s PJs are so unconventional. As he explains to Roy mid-workout, it’s “because I get cold upstairs and hot downstairs.” Roy accepts this as Jamie pukes post-workout.

The cold open of Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4 “Big Week”on Apple TV+ is a gift for Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) fans. 

And it looks like we’re going to see more of Roy and Jamie’s bromance as the season goes on. By the end of the episode, Roy is showing up on Jamie’s front stoop and an eager Jamie is already there, headlamp on his head, ready to squeeze in one last workout.

And if it is retirement for Jamie Tartt at the end of the season, is he happy with where he ends up? “Yes. If we’re doing it again I’d love to be involved. But if not there’s a part of me that thinks: we did our job. We told a story, made people laugh, made people cry. What a ride to have been on. Let’s leave it there.”

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In addition to his acting work, Dunster is also a writer and director, having produced several short films and a web series. He is known for his creativity and passion for storytelling, and is sure to be a talent to watch in the coming years.

Ted Lasso series 3 episode 1 is streaming now on Apple TV+, with new episodes released weekly.

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