Some of the ways to style your jeans to enhance your look include the following:

How To Style Men’s Jeans

Every single man needs an incredible pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Not only are they among the most versatile pairs of pants you can own, but they’re going to make you look outstanding and sharp too. However, this depends on how you style them, the size of jeans you’re wearing, and so on.

How To Style Men's Jeans

Ensuring the pair of jeans you have fits is the biggest secret to looking great in your jeans. Great-fitting jeans will enhance your silhouette and show off all of your body’s best features. On the flip side, poor-fitting jeans will result in you looking unkempt. Thus, don’t fall victim to ill-fitting jeans.

Some of the ways to style your jeans to enhance your look include the following:

  1. Pair Them With A Band Collar Shirt

The jeans and basic T-shirt combination is iconic and will always look great. It’s predictable because everybody wears it and doesn’t require much creativity. Nonetheless, it’d be best if you switched it up.

How To Style Men's Jeans

An easy way to level up your jeans is by wearing an outfit on top that takes more effort, like a band collar shirt. This option instantly smartens up any outfit and makes denim pants look better. You can roll up the sleeves and wear it untucked to achieve a more outstanding casual, comfortable look than a basic T-shirt.

  1. Add An Unstructured Blazer

There are high-quality work jean options that you go to the office with if your company allows it.

One thing you need to remember, nonetheless, is that jeans with darker hues are the best option to go to the office in. Lighter shades are more conducive for casual occasions. Thus, you can wear dark wash, indigo, charcoal grey, or black denim. These options go perfectly well with an unstructured blazer and a checked shirt. You can choose an alternative option of wearing a polo shirt with a blazer as well, especially if it’s cold. 

How To Style Men's Jeans

You can add penny loafers to complement and complete the blazer look. Avoid wearing socks with these shoes type to get the most official look wearing complementing outfits.

  1. Layer A Jacket On Top Of The T-shirt
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You can take your fitting jeans up a notch by adding a second layer of a jacket on top of your basic T-shirt. You can try wearing the following jacket options:

  • Thin summer jacket;
  • Denim jacket;
  • Bomber jacket;
  • Leather jacket;
  • Overshirt;
  • Hoodie jacket; and so on. 
How To Style Men's Jeans

Once you have two quality pairs of good jeans in a solid color like black, you can almost wear them interchangeably every day of the week, and most people won’t notice. All you’ve got to do is replace or change the tops, and that’ll make the jeans look better and different, saving you money since you don’t have to spend on a whole wardrobe.

  1. Consider Wearing Boots Instead Of Sneakers

Wearing boots with a pair of jeans looks way different and better than wearing them with a pair of sneakers. The great thing about boots for men is that there are so many styles. It can be anything the following:

  • Cowboy boots;
  • Trendy boots like Chelsea boots for men;
  • Derby boots;
  • All weather boots;
  • Chukka boots;
  • Oxford boots;
  • Moc toe boots;
  • Combat boots;
  • Engineer boots;
  • Balmoral boots; and others. 

Many other different styles of boots are available for men. They each look impressive, and like you’ve tried more for your outfit, making you look classier. Moreover, most of these boots add one to two inches to your height which is a plus. Yours is just to choose and purchase the one you prefer.

How To Style Men's Jeans

A quick tip: Boots work perfectly with skinny and fitting jeans.

  1. Put On A Trench Coat

The trench coat is an absolute classic that men have been wearing for many years to combine style and culture. It’s a style that you can consider because of its versatility. 

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There are different ways to wear a trench coat. One of them is pairing a dark-hued trench coat with a white sweatshirt and blue jeans. This is a style that any man can pull over. To add an edge, pair this look with a nice pair of black Chelsea boots for men.

How To Style Men's Jeans

Note: You can choose the trench coat color of your choice. You only have to ensure that it complements the jeans you’re wearing. For example, a white trench coat and black jeans is a great and reliable combo to do. 


Jeans are a popular outfit that every man should have in their wardrobe. When purchasing denim pants, you need to ensure they fit, not too short, and not excessively long to avoid extra bagging on your ankles. 

How To Style Men's Jeans

Most people often wear sneakers and a T-shirt with jeans because they probably don’t know other breathtaking ways to style their denim. The abovementioned tips are tricks any man can use to style their jeans and achieve a classic and elegant look.

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