Unlocking Exclusive Fashion Rewards: The Power of Unexpected Perks

Unlocking Exclusive Fashion Rewards: The Power of Unexpected Perks

Enticing customers, enhancing shopping experiences and ultimately making more profits are generally top of any fashion brand’s mind. In an ever-competitive world – fashion companies are now competing with other, similar brands and online marketplaces like ASOS or second-hand clothes sellers like Vinted – many are choosing to market themselves by offering unexpected perks and rewards. 

In this article, we’ll look at why these unexpected perks need to be a part of fashion brands’ modern business plans, and some of the best perks that have been tried and tested to attract more customers. 

How is fashion retail changing? 

Like most industries, technological advancements are causing fashion retail to change at a lightning-quick pace. Technology means that it’s never been easier for businesses to grow and establish themselves – which leads to an increasing amount of competition for business owners!  

Brands are therefore turning to unique perks or rewards for their customers. 

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What can unique experiences and unexpected rewards offer? 

Unique, unexpected rewards and experiences are so effective because they can make a customer feel many different emotions. 

Whether that be surprise, nostalgia or even complete joy, these hidden perks can make the experience more memorable, fostering brand loyalty, which can help ramp up repeat sales. 

The psychological impact of unexpected perks can’t be ignored; when a customer experiences one, they’ll associate the brand with gratitude and excitement. This correlation usually lasts, and subconsciously boosts brand loyalty – when the customer will choose your product, even if they aren’t quite sure why! 

Examples of unexpected perks in the fashion industry

So, what are the unexpected perks that fashion businesses can use, that go beyond coupons and sales? Here are a few examples. 

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Unlocking Exclusive Fashion Rewards: The Power of Unexpected Perks

Personalised styling sessions

Personalised styling sessions are one-on-one consultations with fashion experts that provide customers with tailored advice. Not only does this mean that they’re more likely to find clothes that suit them, but it enhances their shopping experience and makes them feel valued.

Exclusive access to events

Some fashion brands work with shows or launches to give tickets to their customers. Doing this helps their loyal customers feel exclusive – and if they enjoy the event, they’re much more likely to become repeat customers. 

Limited-edition gifts

Free gifts are a popular deal with brands, but making them limited edition could create a sense of rarity and exclusivity. Customers often appreciate the opportunity to own unique items that their peers might not have, and it enables them to create a bond with the brand. 

Chances to re-sell pre-loved clothes

Fashion consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact of fast fashion on the planet. Therefore, some brands are starting to buy and sell pre-loved clothes; even Primark has a section called Wornwell, offering vintage Primark clothes. Offering this kind of service can appeal to climate change-conscious shoppers. 

Fashion industry collabs with other industries

Sometimes, businesses in the fashion industry also collaborate with other industries. For example, the fashion and travel industries quite often work together. They have a unique target audience of people who want to look good while exploring the world and can offer interesting products such as comfortable but fashionable travel clothes or rental services for holiday outfits. 

There have also been numerous collaborations between fashion and sports brands, as activewear becomes less like tatty clothes people wear to the gym and more like sporting fashion statements! These kinds of collaborations are another type of unexpected perk that could make customers aware of both brands!

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How do other industries entice customers? 

Along with collaborating with other industries, some fashion brands may take inspiration from other industries. It’s a good idea to look at what other industries are doing and to see how the same concepts could apply to fashion. 

For example, no deposit bonuses in online casinos give clients the chance to try out their services for free. Fashion companies may do similar by offering AI dressing rooms (as seen on Goodstyle) or offering free samples of clothing to prospective customers. 

Travel companies sometimes offer round-the-clock support with a designated WhatsApp number when people are on trips booked with the company. The fashion industry could do something similar by offering WhatsApp consultations for customers when they are attending events and want to look as stylish as possible. 

Or, the sports and exercise industry often boosts customer loyalty by offering exercise plans. Fashion brands could replicate this by providing dressing plans for different occasions. 


In today’s fiercely competitive and tech-driven world, standing out from the crowd is essential for fashion brands. To achieve this, many go beyond the norm, offering a range of perks that captivate customers. 

Personalised shoppers, exclusive gifts, and sustainable concepts are just a few examples. Additionally, by collaborating with other industries or drawing inspiration from them, fashion brands can grow and establish a unique identity. These strategies not only boost customer loyalty but also lead to increased profits – a win-win!

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