Brioni Menswear Spring 2024 Milan

Brioni Menswear Spring 2024 Milan

New ways to look at the world determine new ways to live into it, and that includes clothing, because clothing is part of life. Discover the Brioni Spring/Summer 2024 collection, unveiled during Milan’s Fashion Week #Brioni.

The same sartorial attention to detail is to be found in leisurewear and sportswear.

In the perspective of lightness. @brioni_official presents its #SS24 collection over the roofs of Milan, where the collection shimmers in all its joyful weightlessness and giddy nonchalance, suffused with painterly Roman hues. Tailoring is relaxed in fit and construction, with fuller volumes and hollowed shoulders, yet impeccable in craft, expressing the Brioni soft take on formalwear.

The absolute luxury, it’s not just luxury, it’s beyond. And it offers a world, and it doesn’t matter that it’s not ours, it doesn’t exclude us, on the contrary, it’s like an education. Presentation by @brioni_official. And the place!!! A woman lived alone in this house until five years ago. It means: E.T. PHONE HOME.

A penthouse apartment with 360 degree views of Milan was the serene setting for Brioni’s spring presentation.

Elegant, relaxed whisper-soft tailoring, paper weight suedes and washed silk outerwear, and a soft palette of pastels formed a chic, spring wardrobe worn by cleverly posed and personality-filled mannequins, a now signature format for the brand. Evening wear is a house specialty, with unconstructed, soft silk and floral jacquarded jackets styled casually for the perfect night out.

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