N.Hoolywood RTW Spring 2024 New York

N. Hoolywood RTW Spring 2024 New York

The spring collection draws its inspiration from the realm of American vintage clothing and the atmosphere of antique shops.

Daisuke Obana drew inspiration from American vintage clothing and antique boutiques for N. Hoolywood’s spring 2024 collection. In this collection, Obana skillfully incorporates classic prints and silhouettes, showcasing his keen craftsmanship and attention to detail. For a deeper understanding, you can refer to the source.

The designer prioritized the creation of refined garments this season, placing emphasis on tailored shirt dresses, well-fitted trousers, and meticulously crafted outerwear. These garments were executed with precision and exhibited clean lines, adhering to a subdued color palette that exuded timeless elegance. The collection drew inspiration from vintage aesthetics, as evidenced by the muted tones, understated patterns, and enduring silhouettes presented.

The assortment also utilized the brand’s utilitarian fashion sensibility for certain designs, such as a coordinated denim ensemble and a structured gray suit.

The designer elucidated the concept underlying the collection as “curating formal and sartorial attire in a contemporary manner,” with a deliberate emphasis on design elements such as tailoring and premium fabrics.

The assortment demonstrated N. Hoolywood’s prowess in curating enduring, streetwear-infused attire that resonates with the contemporary sartorial preferences of the discerning male clientele.


Creative Direction:
Daisuke Obana @daisuke_obana
Art Direction:
Officeroom Inc. @officeroom_inc
Photography & Movie Director:
Hisashi Iesaka  @hisashi1115
(Officeroom Inc.)
TEPPEI @stylist_teppei
Stylist Assistant: 
Taira Sakamoto
Hair & Make: 
Kenshin Asano @kenshinasano(EPO LABO)
Hair & Make Assistant: 
Akane Yamazaki
Drumetrics Collective @drumetrics
Director of photography: 
Tetsuya Arimori @arimoremember
Assistant Camera:
Kota Okuya
Lighting Director:
Yasunori Sugiyama
Lighting Assistant: 
Yusuke Fukuda / Toshiki Nakamatsu / Masaki Ohori
Shinichiro Hamajima @shinhama76
(Officeroom Inc.)
Afee / Baba / Carl Magnus / Emma Manne / Fargal / Pivot / Sam Hough / Samuel

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