Antonio Marras RTW Spring 2024 Milan cover

Antonio Marras RTW Spring 2024 Milan

Transforming the runway into a collection of cinematic studios, every ensemble unveils a deeply personal narrative, evoking the enchantment of the Antonio Marras Spring 2024 Fashion Show.

The Antonio Marras spring show evoked a profound sense of relief. Despite the Calzedonia Group’s acquisition of a majority stake in the designer’s brand last year, Marras showcased an unwavering dedication to captivating theatrical productions and boundless creativity. This was unmistakably evident as he presented an enthralling and stimulating collection for the spring season, transporting viewers to an imaginary stage set.

The renowned Italian designer expressed his ardent love for cinema by incorporating a cinematic narrative into his fashion show. The immaculately arranged runway resembled a film studio, where skilled actors, the director, diligent workers, talented costume designers, and dedicated assistants seamlessly revolved around the central character, portrayed by the illustrious Marisa Berenson. As the models gracefully paraded around the captivating set, she flawlessly embodied the essence of a temperamental actress, complete with dramatic tantrums, making her emphatic inquiries about the whereabouts of her fictional husband.

The mood board presented by Marras showcased visuals featuring a renowned and legally inclined real-life couple, namely Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Their collaborative filmography includes the 1967 movie “Boom,” which was filmed in Alghero, Italy – the birthplace and current residence of the designer himself. It is worth noting that “Boom” was directed by Joseph Losey.

At the tender age of six, Marras was deeply impacted by the proximity of Hollywood to his home. The vivid recollection of this experience has remained ingrained in his memory. To further accentuate the sentiment of the show, large screens displayed captivating imagery of the breathtaking Sardinian sea and the island’s rugged mountains, serving as a poignant contrast to the collection and the simulated studio.

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Nonetheless, the garments did not pale in comparison to the grandeur of the spectacle. Delicate caftans coexisted harmoniously with a double-breasted pinstriped pantsuit elegantly nipped at the waist. Its adornment featured an elongated black flower embroidery on the side, imparting a graceful feminine touch to the impeccably tailored ensemble.

The collection showcased a stunning array of sheath dresses, elegantly adorned with delicate embroidered details, Chantilly lace accents, and exquisite beading. These exceptional designs beautifully contrasted with impeccably tailored Prince of Wales suits, evoking a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.

In fact, there were also ample offerings for gentlemen, including a sophisticated leather trench coat, refined Bermuda trousers crafted from silk, and an impeccably tailored suit adorned with a delicately faded floral pattern. The inclusion of boxy jackets with structured shoulders proved to be a versatile choice that appealed to both male and female fashion enthusiasts.

A gem of a long evening gown was embroidered with a motif reproducing cresting waves and birds flying above the water.

The enhanced fiscal capability of the new proprietor has provided Marras with greater confidence, allowing him to present 90 meticulously crafted ensembles. Furthermore, he showcased a wider array of exquisite accessories that served to amplify the allure of his unique aesthetic, all while maintaining its integrity intact.

Berenson speech by stating that “simplicity is always gratifying.” Conversely, in Marras’ instance, the inverse holds true.

Make-up: Riccardo Morandin @ricky_morandin @wmmanagement & @lierac_italia
Hair: Davide Diodovich @davinesitalia l @davidediodovich
Nails: Antonio Sacripante @antoniosacripante
Film materials: @karel_film_production

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