BOSS RTW Spring 2024 Milan

BOSS RTW Spring 2024 Milan

Take your seat. Ready your screens. It’s time to enter Techtopia by BOSS. Gigi Hadid opens the Milan FW23 fashion show, bringing the Techtopia to life. 

This is how we’re doing power dressing now. The “CorpCore” collection by Marco Falcioni and team on the BOSS Fall/Winter 2023 runway served confidence and sophistication.

The conventional attire for corporate settings has been deemed outdated in the year 2023. Marco Falcioni, an esteemed fashion designer, is endeavoring to reintroduce it with a contemporary twist.

A multitude of influencers, celebrities, content creators, and social personalities bear witness to a novel approach in fashioning for the esteemed brand BOSS.

Falcioni chooses to utilize faux leather suitcases alongside long coats, a three-piece suit in a warm color scheme, contemporary patterns, and high-end accessories such as neckties, loafers, and gloves.

The corporate landscape in America is witnessing a growing trend of major corporations seeking to employ younger talent to address skill gaps within their organizations. Specifically, this phenomenon is particularly evident in the realm of executive positions, where the emphasis is on blending traditional executive roles with a tech-savvy skill set.

During the modeling event, notable individuals graced the scene, including Parker van Noord, Matthew Noszka, renowned French model Clement Chabernaud, and the legendary Mark Vanderloo.

This is the current approach to professional attire. The Fall/Winter 2023 runway presentation by Marco Falcioni and his team showcased the “CorpCore” collection for BOSS, exuding a sense of confidence and refinement.

The BOSS Techtopia is opening soon. Are you ready? #BOSSMilanShow

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