Ferragamo RTW Spring 2024 Milan cover

Ferragamo RTW Spring 2024 Milan

Maximilian Davis incorporated elements of Arte Povera and understated organic details into his sophisticated tailoring and luxurious casual attire.

The fashion risks in Milan this season are as scarce as a day without heavy traffic or occasional rainfall.

Maximilian Davis impeccably follows the fashion trends at Ferragamo, presenting a collection that showcases refined tailoring, elevated casual attire, and spacious leather bags. Noteworthy pieces include a sky blue tote with elegant dents on the sides, as well as a square weekender adorned with triple silver zippers for a striking touch.

In the latest collection, there were several artistic and natural elements incorporated. For instance, a piece of hardware was delicately attached to a draped jersey dress, while rows of vibrant beads adorned the instep of slender, high-heel wedges.

During the behind-the-scenes moments, the designer made references to renowned figures from the Arte Povera movement, such as Giovanni Anselmo.

Additionally, the clientele of Ferragamo, known for appreciating refined tailoring, a bold use of colors, and a touch of mid-century allure, seemed to resonate with the designer’s second show for the Fall 2023 collection. Should you desire further information on this topic, this article might provide valuable insights.

“During this particular season, my intention was to imbue an air of levity, playfulness, and vibrancy into my designs,” he expressed, alluding to the resemblances he observed in the nonchalant lifestyle and sartorial choices prevalent in both Italy and the Caribbean. (The designer, hailing from London, possesses ancestral ties to Trinidad.)

This assortment will be etched in our memories due to its striking use of sage green, either in lacquered or matte finishes, coupled with the elegant pairing of linen bonded to satin or jersey fabrics. Moreover, the inclusion of contemporary eveningwear with subtle allusions to the influential designer Geoffrey Beene imparts a refined touch to the collection.

Davis exemplifies an American sportswear aesthetic, a commendable fusion of practicality, accessibility, and subtle elegance. His ability to effortlessly combine these qualities is truly impressive.

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He now requires an additional boost.

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