A Guide to Fashionable Vintage Jewelry Choices for Men Note

When it comes to vintage jewelry, there’s a wide variety available for women. But did you know that there’s also a range of vintage jewelry available for men? These are timeless pieces that are so good to look at, and they emit a radiant sense of style.

A Guide to Fashionable Vintage Jewelry Choices for Men Note

Including a vintage piece of jewelry in your attire will make you stand out from others. You can make a statement by wearing jewelry from one of the prominent vintage eras. And what more? These are sustainable jewelry designs that hardly go out of fashion. They are well-suited for most formal occasions.

Before we look at some actual jewelry pieces, let’s take a look at some of the most fashionable eras and styles seen by the world.

Popular Vintage Eras and Styles 300

Here are some of the most prominent fashion styles and eras since the Middle Ages.

Art Deco (1920s-1930s)

Do you know that the Art Deco era is known especially for its geometrical designs? The intricate detailing on the jewelry makes it perfect for a glamorous everyday look. You’ll particularly like the detailed rings with bold lines and excellent symmetry. And the exquisite craftsmanship on brooches and cufflinks has a highly aesthetic appeal.

Mid-Century Modern (1950s-1960s)

If you prefer simplicity over glamour, then you should definitely consider something from the mid-century modern era. The jewelry from this time is known for its sleek lines and minimalistic designs. The modernist necklaces are particularly famous because of their elegant designs.

Bohemian and Hippie (1960s-1970s)

The Bohemian and Hippie styles gained quite a momentum with young men. This style is all about embracing nature rather than going for synthetic materials. The jewelry from this style is mostly handcrafted and customized to suit your choice. It heavily relies on beads, jewels, and leather.

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Vintage Military

These vintage jewelry designs are inspired by military uniforms. Designers use symbols and motifs from the military in their jewelry designs. If you are aiming for a manly look, then these are for you.

Types of Vintage Jewelry for Men

Here’s a list of vintage jewelry pieces that every man should add to his jewelry box. If you don’t own one of these, you are missing out on making a significant fashion statement.

1. Watches

We have two types of vintage watches.

  • Classic wristwatches: These usually have a metal or a leather wristband. Their dials are relatively simple, with minute, intricate designs. They go perfectly on formal to casual wear.
  • Pocket watches: Pocket watches are not an everyday item. They are to be worn on occasion but made a great addition to your collection. Their covers have elaborate designs, which are the main attraction.
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2. Necklaces

When we say a necklace, we all imagine a woman wearing a heavy diamond piece. Well, that’s not the only type of necklace! We have chains and pendants that men can flaunt with their outfits.

  • Chains: These are very versatile in nature. You can wear it stand-alone or pair it with a pendant. They go well on traditional as well as casual outfits. You can get vintage ones in gold, silver, or platinum.
  • Pendants: These are decorative pieces to go with the chains. They come in different sizes. We suggest getting a small-sized vintage pendant so you can pair it with a number of outfits.
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Necklace Scosha, Beaded Necklace David Yurman, Hat Vintage.

3. Rings

You must have seen those elaborate rings with a family crest or a person’s face on them. Those are vintage signet rings. Authentic ones are hard to come by as these are usually passed down generations in families.


4. Tie pins

Tie pins are rarely used in modern fashion. But a vintage tie golden pin with a prominent head can never go wrong. Some even have symbols attached to them, and they are worn as a way of showing support to that symbol.

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5. Bracelets

Bracelets are the perfect piece of jewelry to make a statement. They are made from metals like gold and silver, but Gothic ones have a leather belt. You’ll also find designs embedded with stone and beads.

6. Cufflinks

Vintage cufflinks are perfect to wear at formal dinners and weddings. They usually come in gold, silver, and enamel with intricate designs on their flat head.

Styling Tips for Vintage Jewelry

Do you just randomly pick any jewelry and wear it? No, you match it with your outfit. Vintage jewelry should not be an exception. Here are some tips to make the utmost use of your jewelry collection.

Ruggedly handsome model, James K, builds up his portfolio with a striking portrait series by photographer Gavin Harrison.
James wears Vintage cap and overalls, watch is by James McCabe mccabewatches.com

Tip 1: Mixing vintage and contemporary pieces

This might sound absurd, but it isn’t! You’ll be surprised how elegantly a vintage design can fit into contemporary pieces. How about a vintage watch paired with modern cufflinks? That sounds like a good pair-up, doesn’t it?

Tip 2: Dressing for the occasion

Use your vintage piece wisely. Though a party at a club might seem like a good way to flaunt your vintage designs, it isn’t. Rather, wear them to an intimate party where people will appreciate your style.

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Tip 3: Matching jewelry to personal style

Your personal style defines you. There are so many vintage styles to choose from. We highly encourage you to choose one that suits your personal style.

Follow these tips and curate your jewelry box with the best of all. You can look for designs from various sources and then pick the perfect match.

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Sourcing Vintage Jewelry

You must know that buying vintage jewelry is a difficult task. Not because it is expensive. However, finding authentic vintage pieces is a task. Many sellers will sell you fake vintage and charge you high prices. That’s why it’s important where you buy it from. Some of the trusted sources include:

1. Antique shops

You’ll be surprised to find how many kinds of vintage jewelry they hoard. Before buying, check for damages and get an authentication card with the purchase.

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2. Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces like AnothersLegacy.com sell authentic vintage jewelry at affordable prices. You get to choose from a wide variety of designs and colors.

3. Flea markets

These are also reputable locations for buying vintage jewelry. But you’ll encounter a lot of scammers. You have to be a pro to buy authentic pieces here.


Vintage jewelry never runs out of fashion. No matter what era or style you choose, there are always designs that go elegantly with any modern clothes. Of course, you have to style it to make it look presentable. For instance, a Bohemian bracelet with a mid-century chain can go perfectly well with a turtle neck t-shirt and neutral-colored formal pants.

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