Ethel Vaughn Spring/Summer 2012

The fashion label ETHEL VAUGHN was founded by the Hamburg based designer Katrin Weber. She uses a great variety of materials, colours and forms. Classic cuts and forms combined with exceptional details create pieces that are casual and yet flattering with strong extrovert fashion accents.

20120415-125813 p.m..jpg

20120415-125823 p.m..jpg

20120415-125836 p.m..jpg

20120415-125843 p.m..jpg

20120415-125848 p.m..jpg

20120415-125854 p.m..jpg

20120415-125908 p.m..jpg

20120415-125915 p.m..jpg

20120415-125925 p.m..jpg

20120415-125937 p.m..jpg

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