Runway Top model Marlon Teixeira and Ton Heukels goes into a beach paradise to star the new H&M Beachwear S/S 2015 Campaign.

Beach Essentials Every Fellow Needs

Female fashion trends bombard us on social media all day long, but you hardly ever hear about what styles men are wearing. Whether they admit it or not, dudes like to be fashionable, too, and that includes during the summer. Just because it’s the season of little clothing doesn’t mean you have to dress like a slouch, right? If you’re a man hitting the sand any time soon, you’re probably wondering what to wear. Read these to discover the beach essentials every fellow needs.

Proper Swim Trunks

Yes, we used the term “proper” with purpose. Men, if you’re still wearing your “Jams” from 1985, you need to let it (and them) go. Because the temps are hitting all-time highs during the summer, the likelihood that you wear your trunks all day long is very high, so you want them to look nice.

Gone are the days of super long swim shorts, so go for something like these short swim trunks from TipsyElves.com.  From patriotic and pineapples to fish and hot dogs, these trunks are anything but boring. Make a splash, literally and figuratively! You don’t have to look like Model JC Colla to pull them off either. Trust us – as long as you choose the right size for your frame, you’re going to rock these.

Throw Some Shade

Consider this your PSA, guys. If you’re buying your sunglasses at the local Rite Aid, you’re doing it wrong. Not only are the cheap shades not actually protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also most certainly give away their drugstore status. There are certain things you can scrimp on, but don’t let sunglasses be one of them. A nice pair of Ray-Ban Aviators can go a long way in making an impression as you walk down the beach.

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Top It Off


Although you’re likely going to be shirtless most of your beach day, you might want to head out later for a post-sand burger and/or beer. Make sure you bring a nice tee with you for sand-to-store (or restaurant) transition. If you live near a surf shop, this is always a solid bet for finding a quality and stylish tee, but REI also offers a huge selection of cool t-shirts. Because REI is a co-op, when you become a member, you receive money back on your purchases at the end of each year.

Are you or the man in your life constantly air drumming every song? Pair your trunks with this killer Electronic Drum Shirt featured on FashionablyMale.net. It’s a party in a tee. Seriously.

For those who might be going to a fairly nice place post-beach and know they’re not going to have enough time to go home and change, the linen shirt is the perfect option. It’s so chic in summer, looks great with a tan, and can be balled up in your beach bag and still look great. Thank you, purposeful wrinkles!

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Sorry to be a downer, but skin cancer is at an all-time high. That’s why it’s all the more important to bring (and wear!) your hat every time you go to the beach, especially if you’re bald. Fortunately for you, men’s hats can be very fashionable. Check out Amazon.com for a wide array of them. From fedoras and straw hats to bucket hats and your basic Under Armour ball cap, they have everything you’d ever want to cover your noggin.

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Be A “Shoe-In”

the beach kind of mandates it, as you don’t want to get a bucket of sand in your new tennis shoes. Zappos.com

This is a touchy subject for men, as a lot of dudes don’t like flip-flops, and get downright offended by seeing other men wearing flip-flops. It’s like some unspoken fashion bro code. Here’s the thing—the beach kind of mandates it, as you don’t want to get a bucket of sand in your new tennis shoes. Zappos.com has a nice selection of quality flip-flops and sandals that are appropriate for the beach and hanging at a bar/restaurant afterwards. Pro Tip: Get a pedicure. Just trust us on that one.

You don’t have to go to the beach looking like a slob. Men can be quite stylish when they hit the sand if they have the beach essentials they need.

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