Let’s talk about The OA’s Patrick Gibson + hot scenes

Let’s talk about Ireland hotness sensation Patrick Gibson from Netflix The OA by actor-writer Brit Marling and her frequent collaborator, writer-director Zal Batmanglij. We are a huge fans from the 21 year old hunk blonde since we have seen the entire first 8 episodes. We have found a really nice recently compilation from Interview Magazine plus some Paddy’s gifs from hot sexy scenes.


To fully explain the plot of The OA would take away some of the fun, but in broad terms, the series concerns a young woman named Prairie (played by Marling) who returns home after being missing for nearly a decade. Once back with her parents, she’s both desperate to escape again and strangely Zen. She befriends a group of local teens and begins to tell them her story.patrick-gibson-by-brian-higbee-for-interview2

Among the show’s breakout stars is Irish actor Patrick “Paddy” Gibson. The 21-year-old Dublin native plays Steve Winchell, a drug-dealing, antisocial teen bully who channels his pain into physical violence. Steve could have easily been a cliché—just another high school stereotype—but Gibson makes his character’s arc extremely affecting. “He’s incredibly reactive, and when he tries to better himself and it doesn’t work, that completely ruins his confidence all over again,” says Gibson of Steve when we speak over the phone. “He thinks he’s not worth being a good guy—it comes from a place of insecurity.”patrick-gibson-by-brian-higbee-for-interview3

As a narrator, Prairie is most likely unreliable, and the show frequently questions the veracity of her story. Gibson, however, believes her: “Maybe not word-for-word, but I do believe her ultimately,” he says with some trepidation. “I was looking for clues every single day on set—I think I bugged Zal a little too much. I’m still completely on the hunt. I’ll let you know if I actually ever figure it out,” he adds.patrick-gibson-by-brian-higbee-for-interview4

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For Gibson, who has been acting since childhood, The OA is the beginning of a particularly exciting time. Next year, he’ll appear opposite Idris Elba in John Ridley‘s series Guerrilla. Then there is Starz’s new period drama, The White Princess, in which Gibson has a leading role. “The OA was the catalyst for this year,” the young actor reflects. “I really felt that I connected with Steve. Then I came home, had a month off or so, and started shooting The White Princess, which was amazing and the complete opposite … we had sword-fighting battles—every kid’s dream. Then, to work with John Ridley in the last month was phenomenal. I have so much admiration for him as a man and as a director.”


On first and last episode from  The OA, Steve played by Paddy shows off so much skin, we can clearly see how well is his body toned, and got some sexy male buttocks and gotta an arrogant alpha male character that we cannot resist. 😍

Excerpts words from Interview Magazine 12.22.16

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