Sun Rays – A Morning Edition by Srdjan Sveljo featuring Bojan Jung

Capoeira Trainer and Healthy life fitness Coach Bojan Jung snapped in a beautiful morning by beloved friend fashionista Srdjan Sveljo.

Cause we love admiring sexy guys wearing only underwear and drinking coffee for our eyes only, we have this new work by Srdjan with this fitness personality.

Bojan is wearing underwear like Versace, TBO underwear, #Unfuckable, David Beckham, Intimissimi, Bojan is a person who promotes health life and eating well, because he has sugar in blood in the past.

Now we confirm that not everybody is perfect. We need to take care of our bodies, is the only element we possess for the rest of our lives.

Photographer & Stylist Srdjan Sveljo @nsfanatik
Model Bojan Jung

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