Here’s Aspiring Model Laria Corney in Pics by Alan Tan

The human body is amazing as itself, is just perfect as itself, its the representation of each art. Here’s aspiring model Laria Corney in pics by Alan Tan.

Massive discipline and commitment

I’d like to introduce Laria Corney instagram model and fitness entrepreneur who likes and enjoy to be a model in front of a professional lens.

For a modeling career, he’s considering so muscular, but he’s in another level.

His body is his own weapon and speaks for itself.

“I am currently residing in Sydney,NSW Australia. I have been modeling on again and off again for the past 9 years in the United States as well as here in Sydney Australia.”

He comments via email, “modeling is one of my passions in life that I would love to pursue on a full time basis.”

“It enables me to be fully creative, free and expressive to a wide audience.”

Laria Corney

Alan Tan takes to you to a body trip

The pictures by Alan Tan takes to you to a body trip, where like a butterfly flirts in every angle of Laria’s body.

He continues “I have worked with so many wonderful and talented photographers such as Mike Byerly in America and Tim Bradshaw. Brenton Parry, Alan K. Tan, Theo Klein and Cain Cooper just to name a few.”

“I have only begun to scratch the surface of my my potential and I look forward to seeing and working with many other photographers in the near future.”

You can see his work on Insta.

The pictures edited with colorful filters, black and white, and color backgrounds enrich the sight of the worshiper and our audience loves it.

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This is not the firs time Alan explores the male form with his camera. You can see a few of his work here:

To continue with this body trip, you can see a very calm edition, off-white colors around, and creamy colors.

Alan is a Sydney based photographer whose artistic interest is the male form, fashion portrait and conceptual portraiture.

Alan’s work is all about undermining the taboos surrounding masculinity, sexual identity and nudity.

This particular picture is one of my favorite, the art speaks for itself, thanks to Alan and Laria for doing this.

You can find more pics of the photography of Alan Tan @alanktan / @alanktan23
You can be a follower of Laria’s Instagram @laria9269 

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