Meet Swedish New Face Måns Heurlin in pics by Alan Tan

Meet Swedish New Face Måns Heurlin in pics by Alan Tan. The boy is 20 years old, recently move to Sydney and Australia started to love him.

“He’s 20 yrs old and had a bit of modeling career when he was 11-14 yo.” Opens Alan via email when we asked him about this young man.

And never pursued it further.

Australia is one of he must visit country so he is here to explore it on a working visa. “I met him to start up his portfolio to see where he goes with some modeling work here.”

Sydney’s Fashion Week to call for more inclusivity in the local industry.

From catwalks to advertising campaigns, brands in days past have typically veered towards models of a typical build, age, and ethnicity – but we all know the world is a much richer tapestry. However, in recent years, the industry has been doing more to champion diversity, and 2018 in particular has seen a much more inclusive approach to representation

Australian fashion industry has to become more inclusive to keep up with the rest of the world.

And we can mention that Alan is also contributing to that, he’s casting models to work with more inclusive.

Måns is represented by Mercedes Model Management an agency established in Sydney.

They represent female models, male models and teen models across a broad range of campaigns including print, catwalk, magazines, billboards, digital media, advertising, TV and film, and have an enviable reputation within the industry of having some of the most up and coming modeling talent on their books.

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You can see the latest work of Alan Tan here with us

There’s been a major push for more diversity in the fashion industry recently. And Australia can’t leave this thing behind.

Måns Heurlin @mans_modelling at Mercedes Model Management.

You can find more pics of the photography of Alan Tan @alanktan / @alanktan23

  1. He’s got a good look

  2. Frank Freespirito

    very handsome young man, great face and beautiful natural longer hair ! lots of potential as super model

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