Save This Name for Later: Maximiliano Kramer by Victor Lluncor

Save This Name for Later: Maximiliano Kramer by Victor Lluncor exclusive for Fashionably Male.

18 pics will prove why you must save this name and remember it for all your entire life.

Moscow based photographer flight back to home: Lima Peru, where he was attending business and meetings, in one of those beautiful days in Lima he met Maximiliano Kramer.

Where to begin? Maximiliano Kramer is a Argentine beauty working right now with the agency RD Models by Richard Dulanto.

Perfect Genes

We can acclaim that Maximiliano possess perfect genes, how’s that? Depends on the perspective of beauty you owned.

Just look at him, beautiful teeth, solid rock abs, beautiful skin, perfect cheek bones and so much hair.

He’s been under the wing of Richard Dulanto, a fashion producer, model and he owns the agency in Lima.

But we have to mentioned that Maximiliano has been in Mexico City working––I hope we can meet him one day.

Victor Lluncor vision

Yes, Victor knows how to recognize a beautiful model, he’s been working for so long in Europe, most of the time in Moscow.

This Eastern European beauty standard starting to care more about how they look and how that affects their perception of self, and it inspires a vast array of controversial discussions. 

The idea and concept of what makes a ‘perfect’ man differs across the world.

Men are turning from beauty and looks to health as new standards of beauty emerge and the advertising industry shows the athletic ‘ideal’ body.

Anywho, back to Maximiliano shooting by Victor Lluncor in Lima Peru.

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Photography Victor Lluncor @victorlluncor from @rdmodelosagencia
Model Maximiliano Kramer @kramermaximiliano
Retoucher @oxana_lvova
Production @richarddulanto

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    excelentes fotografías y bellísimo modelo

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