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An Intimate Moment to Meet Vlad by Victor Lluncor

An Intimate Moment to Meet Vlad by Victor Lluncor for Fashionably Male webzine.

Guys, take a deep breath to meet Vlad a very well-known model in Moscow, where Victor––Peruvian photographer is working back there––had this intimate moment shooting Vlad.

Vlad is a very popular model in Russian networks and among well-known Russian photographers, a native of southern Russia.

“I followed him in networks, until once I wrote to him and told him that I would like to work with him at some time.”

Victor Lluncor

Upon Victor returns from Peru to Russia, they agreed to meet in Moscow and they did this session, although everything was very fast and unexpected, “I think the photos were interesting to be from one moment to the next.”

He’s confident, he knows how to show his body in front of the camera

Vlad has this sexy-appeal, he’s very attractive young man, he’s using his body as a tool for art.

And by the way he has a Onlyfans.com account, you must check it out here.

The model has 32K followers and counting, and reaching more than 10K likes on every pic.

There is no better way to have in front of you a model that cooperates with everything that is asked, when requesting a meeting, it does not matter that the session lasts 40 minutes, you can do wonders when there is connection

This is the latest work of Victor Lluncor

Photography Victor Lluncor @victorlluncor from @rdmodelosagencia
Model Vlad @zavolskij
Retoucher @oxana_lvova

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  1. Anonymous

    excelente fotografía y modelo bello

  2. fashionablymale

    Yes of course.

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