Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2020 080 Barcelona

“Magic Orgy” name of the new psychedelic adventure of Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2020 080 Barcelona where on this occasion he invites us to give us a “good trip” multisensory.

Krizia Robustella is a fashion company, self-defined as “Sport Deluxe”, which draws on sports garments in recent decades to create their own universe in which comfort merges with luxury, and luxury is transformed into shapes and fabrics hitherto relegated to the scale of the informal.

An orgy of stimuli with his new collection.

Magic Orgy

Magic Orgy is the new psychedelic adventure by designer Krizia Robustella, who this time invites us to indulge in a fully multisensory “trip”, where perception of reality and ourselves is altered, to enter a magical world that is inhabited by fantastic beings and full of colours illustrated by artist Nicasio Torres.

An orgy of stimuli during a rave party, where hedonism, sports and luxury are mixed to create this new collection.

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