The Lookbook of Nargassi Fall/Winter 2020

Fashion House for Men since 2013 presents the Lookbook of Nargassi Fall/Winter 2020

NARGASSI men’s collection is inspired by the home of Eliran’s grandparents in Jerusalem, my Moroccan roots, Traditions & superstitions, childhood memories and family celebrations.

One example is the traditional Henna celebration and the traditional garments worn on these celebrations, specifically drawing inspiration from the Moroccan Kaftan, it’s simple rectangular silhouette and the V-shaped neckline.

“The Hamsa, a palm shaped amulet for good luck and against evil eye,  that has been a part in my life since childhood. It’s shape and symbolism is incorporated into the collection.”

Eliran Nargassi

The collection consists of 20 colorful outfits in three color schemes:

  • Black, white and nude color.
  • Smoked Red and Purple
  • Metallic colors: Gold and Copper.

Excellent workmanship

The Menswear designer based in Tel-Aviv is a five-star provider on Etsy. You can easily purchase any piece from the new collection or from older seasons. And the best is shipping to the entire world.

The new collection can define like: “Elegant, well-made, solid construction. Truly beautiful” purchasing a loose silhouette through the body and a minimalist design, crafted in a high quality Linen fabric, the pants are tailored yet have a light, sporty and comfortable feel, you will never regret to worn them.

You can see the Collection online now: www.elirannargassi.com

Photographer: Alina Braginski @alinabrg
Model: Jonah Kozlovski @jonah_kozlovsky at @brickmodels .

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