How to Style Patches

How to Style Patches

Clothing stores have a whole range of clothing that has patches attached to them, but it is more stylish to personalize the clothes that you have with patches that you have specially chosen. Most of these patches are easy to iron-on and allows you to make your clothes different from everybody else. 

BRAIN&BEAST 080 Barcelona Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Place your statement patches strategically so that they have the maximum impact. You can choose patches with words; symbols cartoon characters, or even choose to publicize your favourite brand. Mix and match these or decide on a theme that you consistently adhere to. Pick up cool patches from every place you travel to, and they can turn out to be just as exotic as the creativity you show. Floral themed patches can make your style of patches grownup and subtle.

You can create killer outfits with patched clothing. Jackets with patches are the best way to start integrating patches styles with your everyday look. Denim, when customized, always looks good, so start with some patches on pockets and sleeves. Jackets must be over outfits that are in neutral shades (grey or cream) and must never have patterns that clash with the patches that are your particular statement to the world. You want to show attitude, then wear the jacket with ripped jeans or biker boots. A green or khaki jacket with patches can give you a youthful look.

Missoni Men’s Spring 2019

You can always add patches to jeans or even denim shorts, which can then go well with leather jackets. Contrast your patch worked jeans and trousers with black ankle boots or a buttoned-down shirt. The use of stick-on patches instead of ironed on can allow you to avoid any commitment to any statements that patches can often make. Line up the front pockets of your denim shorts with patches, as in some hot weather, you may not feel like wearing your patched jacket, but still, need to make a statement with your patches. Your statement patch becomes sassy if you add it on top of a back pocket of your jeans. Wearing patches on hats or caps can add to your style statements with patches. Your patch style can be accentuated if you constantly change shapes and mix up the circular patches with other shapes, square, oblong, or rectangular. An isolated geometric patch on your back can make a bolder statement. 

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Stella McCartney x The Beatles

Patches are badges made out of cloth and can even be sewn on or pinned to clothes. Other patches can be ironed on, stuck with adhesive, or fixed with Velcro. The patches’ artwork has been greatly helped because of computerized methods that can allow for highly customized and personal patches. Patches have always been around, even though they are more of a fashion statement nowadays. In an earlier day, even thousands of years ago, patches were used as important identification for the people in armies. 

These patches were used to indicate rank, position, or even the unit to which a soldier belonged. Even now, you will find patches widely used in sports teams, government organizations, and others to symbolize position, rank, or units. Colors in patches have also been used to indicate peace (white), generosity (gold), loyalty (blue or green). Patches with animals identify with the known traits of these animals. 

Maison Kitsuné Men’s Fall 2018

Patches can also be used to cover up holes and tears and extend the life of a garment. They can make your old jeans look trendy. Patches that are ironed on will have a shiny backing that does not get its adhesive properties unless heat is applied to it. The easiest way to attach these patches is by using a hot iron and then placing the patch at the spot where you desire and pressing the iron on to it until the adhesive takes hold. Some patches have adhesive tapes, but this does not give a permanent backing to the patch and is ideal if you are putting on the patch for a particular event or a limited period, and then intend to remove it. 

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The best fabrics for patches are denim and cotton, with denim being the choice for most people in the younger generation. Polyester garments can take on iron-on patches, but you need to be careful, as polyester can burn or get discoloured when heated. Avoid garments made of silk or lace, but if you do need to use patches on them, the sewn-on varieties are the best for making your style statement. Leather does not take kindly to iron on patches as adhesives do not work well with this material. 

Junya Watanabe Man Menswear Fall Winter 2020
Junya Watanabe Man Menswear Fall Winter 2020 Paris

Cool patches on shirts are best on pockets or sleeves. A small patch can look good on the collar. The same goes for jackets, though there are styles of patches on jackets where almost every inch of the jacket gets covered. There is no wrong way that a patch can be worn, and you can always create your style.

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