4 Ways To Sell Your Clothing Design cover

4 Ways To Sell Your Clothing Design

Creating your unique design on clothing is an achievement to be proud of. Selling the clothing design is the next step in sharing your artwork with others. There are different ways that you can sell your clothing design, depending on your target audience and market. 

4 Ways To Sell Your Clothing Design

Here are some of the options you can explore to sell your unique work:

  1. Social Media 

Social media platforms are ideal for reaching a wide audience. For instance, Facebook allows you to pay for them to advertise your custom t shirts. You can create a tailor-made advert where you determine the demographics of social media users you wish to reach. You have various market targets available to you such as age, gender, and geographical locations that you want the advert to find.

4 Ways To Sell Your Clothing Design

If you decide to advertise any type of clothing design online, you should have a website where the audience is navigated to after clicking on the social media advert. Your website should be user-friendly, interactive and attractive enough for visitors to buy your clothing. The advantage of advertising on social media is that users may also share your advert and website which makes for an even wider reach.

  1. Showcase 

Attending a showcase is another way of advertising your clothing design. Different types of events take place in various communities. Research the type of showcases that will accommodate your product, and sign up for a spot.

Once you get a place at a showcase, you should make your spot as attractive as possible. This may be in the form of designing your area differently from others to stand out. When people are drawn to you, make sure to practice quality customer and marketing services. Display your clothing and designs and have items ready for purchase. You should also have information regarding your social media pages and website so that your visitors can access your work and make a purchase after the event.

4 Ways To Sell Your Clothing Design
  1. Fashion Show 

If there is a fashion show that you can be a part of, you should definitely consider participating. Your models and rack will make your clothing designs stand out. Such events are attended by marketers and promoters who may be interested in your designs and provide further opportunities for new markets. You might also be able to sell your clothing designs to the attendees, who may in turn refer others to you.

  1. Distribute 

A novel way of marketing your clothing designs is to distribute garments for free to people to wear in public. It’s a clever way to gain attention, and prospective customers will find out more information about the product from those wearing the clothes. This can be an effective way to boost sales, at a relatively low cost.


You may need to research the methods that will work best for your target audience when it comes to selling strategies. Some of the approaches you can consider include selling your clothing designs on digital platforms, where you’ll be able to reach a wide audience that is redirected to your website to make a purchase.

4 Ways To Sell Your Clothing Design

You can also attend community showcases and fashions shows. Distributing your clothes as a marketing strategy to gain attention for your brand is also an option to consider.

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