How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers cover

How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers

Mobile apps are shaping the present and future of the fashion industry. This is widely contributed by the increase in the number of smartphone users worldwide. As of 2021, there are around 3.8 billion smartphone users, and the figure is expected to increase by hundreds of millions in the next few years.

How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers

The top three countries with over 100 million users are United States, China, and India. Since a big portion of the consumers worldwide has smartphones, it only makes sense for a fashion brand that wants to connect with consumers. Among the youth, smartphones are the top way to know about trends or a newly released product by a favorite brand. 

But How Do Apps Attract Customers?

When people buy smartphones, they always download apps. Successful fashion brands understand this concept. That is why part of their marketing includes in-app advertisements. The advantage of using in-app advertising is that the ad is designed to fit the screen, which results in a better customer experience. In-app ads also have a 71% higher click rate than those designed for the mobile web.

Besides, your target consumer is likely to have smartphones with them most of the time. As a result, you will reach them faster and communicate your message wherever they are. When they see your ad, consumers who are using the app may be interested in what your business offers, resulting in an easier conversion process.

How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers

For instance, when a student who is overwhelmed by assignments sees the word “write my essay for me cheap” from an in-app add they are more likely to click it and see what the company has to offer. 

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While well-crafted advertisement captures the target market’s attention, a fashion brand has a higher chance of converting the new user into a loyal customer through an exceptionally well designed mobile app. But how are fashion apps winning over consumers? Let’s uncover that below. 

By Offering Unique Perks

Knowing that there are unique perks only offered through an app might be the reason that might convince a consumer to download your fashion app. For instance, you can give early access to see an upcoming collection or sale through the app only. 

How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers

Create a Personalized Shopping Experience

The number of apps is increasing every year. There are over a million apps in both Google Play Store and App Store. However, users are also quick to delete an app if it results in a bad first experience. Mobile app personalization is another way in which fashion companies are using winning over consumers. 

The process involves gathering data from the app users to help understand specific needs and wants. That way, the app can display more of the product the customer is more interested in. Mobile app personalization is achieved through search recommendations, pop-ups, and dialogue boxes. 

How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers

Besides, if you find an app tailored to your needs, wouldn’t you use it regularly? Overall, personalization improves the app’s user experience, results in higher retention, increased brand loyalty, and more engagement. 

By Simplifying the Process of Purchase

Mobile apps offer convenience. Whether you are stuck in traffic or on your lunch break and want to pass the time, you can simply use your favorite fashion app to swipe or tap and purchase what you want. 

How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers

The simplified process of making a purchase and great user experience is why some brands win over consumers. Purchasing a fashion product without any challenges results in a satisfied consumer. This, in turn, generates profits for the company and result in a loyal customer. 

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Make Use of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has become an essential part of any fashion business. Customers get a chance to feel like they are in your shop without actually being there physically. This helps to make the shopping experience fun and easier. 

Apps with interactive AR also boost user engagement because they promote real-life product functionality experiences, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Apps that use the latest technology also have an advantage over competitors who are still using traditional app development methods. 

How Fashion Brands Are Using Mobile Apps to Win Over Consumers

Since the mobile market continues to rise, apps are quickly becoming the future of the fashion industry. As a business owner, having a mobile fashion app is about taking the necessary steps to stay ahead of the competition. It allows your brand to remain relevant where technology is concerned and reach customers who are using their smartphones most of the time. However, to increase an app’s success, the content, interface, and experience must be an integral extension of your fashion brand.  

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