7 Ways to Look More Stylish

7 Ways to Look More Stylish

If you are very into fashion, the goal is to come out every day looking like you fell out of a Vogue magazine. Even when you are not into fashion, you still want to come out looking like a million bucks. You want to look unique, turn necks, and look good enough to garner a few reactions on the gram. 

How do you do this? 

You need to realize that fashion does not mean you buy expensive clothes and pull a Lady Gaga or David Beckham every time. It merely means that even in your off-the-cheap-rack shirts and jeans, or straight out of Alibaba remake, you look amazing. That is what it takes to look stylish; making good of what you have and maybe accessorizing a bit. 

Another thing you need to realize is that style differs according to persons and personality traits. Person A may like bedazzles and bright things, and person B will go for dark and gothic. In their individuality, they have found their style. So before you go into the rest of this piece, understand that your personality is a big decision maker in style creation. 

Go for bandanas

People often miss out on what should have been spectacular because they neglected that colorful cotton bandana. You can wear a bandana scarf either tied on your neck—over a shirt or T-Shirt, wrist, belt-hole, or bag handle. A bandana is a beautiful fashion accessory that could move your outfit from plain to stylish immediately. 

Layer and layer on:

 Again, this is neglected because people do not think layering is for anything other than avoiding cold weather. Who said you could not prevent the cold weather and look cool while at it? Wear a coat over a shirt or a dress while you already have tights on. There is no unique way to layer. There is just layering, which is what you are required to do. 

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Go monochrome: 

Quick question; did you see Michelle ‘goddess’ Obama at the inauguration? Did you see how she rocked that monochrome burgundy in all its beauty and essence? That is what we are talking about. Sure, matching different colors is fantastic, but have you ever tried not using different colors? The beauty of monochrome is that it saves you a lot of color stress. However, it requires some understanding of how the monochromatic fashion style works. You need to know how to wear monochrome. 

Try to mix colors: 

We are often scared to mix colors when dressing up because we are unsure what goes with us. However, your being unsure is not a good reason not to try at all. You still need to try. Search for colors that go with each other, and you will find a long list of colors that match. You will be surprised at what colors in your wardrobe match each other and will make you look stylish. 

Small to big, big to small: 

We are often afraid to play around with proportions because we think they would not work. However, for people who are scared of ratios, we have a consistent one we have stuck to for a while. Large Tees over small shorts. That is you playing with proportions, but that is you playing it safe. You can always take up a notch higher by maybe going for a smaller top and a large jacket, or tight jeans and a top with big boots. These will always make a fashion statement. 

Halfway tuck:

To look good, we sometimes need to tuck our shirts in our jeans. Have you ever considered that you do not have to tuck all the way? You could always tuck the front, leaving the back, or tuck one side in, leaving the other. It is fashion innovative, normal is sometimes dull, and we can always do better than the norm, can’t we?

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Do not wear the jacket: 

You must have come across this trend. It was so much of a trend at some point that jacket makers decided it was time to make a jacket that could look like it was hanging on the shoulder instead of being worn. It is such a cool trend you should undoubtedly jump on. 

Style is individual, but that does not mean that you cannot get some pointers. That is why we have given you these pointers so you can create your style. Cheers. 

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