Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Men's Spring 2022 Paris cover

MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO Men’s Spring 2022 Paris

Mihara Yasuhiro dubbed his collection “Usual.”

For spring, Mihara Yasuhiro focused on the ordinary for his coed collection called “Usual.”

“I question: ‘Does everything have to have a newness or freshness to it?’” he said, while continuing to riff on his signature style, working with everyday fabrics such as flannel or denim.

Elements in the garment appear off-kilter or oversize, as Yasuhiro played with patterns to achieve misshapen constructs. A jean jacket’s sleeves appear to drape over the shoulders. A vest is made of interlocking zippered bags.

Yasuhiro said he’s been intrigued by designers of yesteryear, such as Madeleine Vionnet and Pierre Cardin, keeping in mind their fashion’s unusual silhouettes as he crafted rounded shapes.

The usual, in fact, is rather unusual here, as Yasuhiro elevates streetwear with eclectic twists.

For the second season, the house’s fashion film beings with a man walking into a bar. The designer’s university friend Takumi Furuhashi wrote the screenplay and acted in it again.

But once a TV turns on, the scene shifts to Tokyo International Airport, which has been in Yasuhiro’s mind while he misses travel. The 50-some-odd people sporting the clothes aren’t acting, but play themselves, strumming a guitar, shadowboxing or juggling. The video culminates in a big dance party set to live music.

“From this video, I want people to get some energy, be encouraged,” Yasuhiro said. “[Its] main theme is: ‘Do we have to change?’”

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