Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2022 Paris

Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2022 Paris

“I love cutting into clothing, using clothes in ways they aren’t supposed to, and just seeing all the possible shapes I can make.” This is Acne Studios in the new genderless collection in Paris Fashion Week.

Photographer @ArielleBobbWillis likens her colour-soaked portraiture to the act of painting – “if I liked to paint, these are the images I would paint”. Using the lines and textures of the city as backdrop, bodies playfully contort into abstract forms for an uplifting exploration of composition and pose. 

As part of #AcneStudios Image Makers – our collections seen through the gaze of a new generation of talent, captured their way – Arielle reinterprets pieces from #AcneStudiosSS22, photographing them on the streets of #NewOrleans, a city suffused with memories for the artist.

@ArielleBobbWillis treats the lens like a canvas, seeing everything as a block of colour. The textures and silhouettes of clothing are central to her improvisational practice – “there are no rules when I’m shooting”. She is the latest #AcneStudios Image Maker, our collections seen through the gaze of a new generation of talent.

Giant d’Artagnan boots meet crazy waders; sculpted biker jackets; Lapland tracker boots designed for winter clubbing; and some great scrunched-up black leather blazers and redingotes with contrasting sherbet buttons – and that was just the leather selection.

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