Kenzo Mens Spring 2023 Paris cover

Kenzo Men’s & Women’s Spring 2023 Paris

This collection, reminiscent of the 1970s Ivy League look and navy sailor uniform, features colorful patterns and bright colors and the witty accessory lineup are impressive for the Kenzo Men’s & Women’s Spring 2023 in Paris.


In dialogue with the community and workwear codes of @Nigo – varsity jackets, bomber jackets, boots – they create a youthful silhouette for a distinctly contemporary men’s and women’s wear proposal ultimately ingrained in empowerment. Spot the Ken Zō – the latter, the Japanese word for ‘elephant’ – celebrates Kenzo Takada’s favourite animal in graphics featured in towelling embroidery on bomber jackets, in chain embroidery on jersey, and as motifs on accessories.

Watch live the KENZO Spring-Summer 2023 Show under Artistic Director Nigo

KENZO BRAND BOOM: For @Nigo, the creative process in materializing the Spring-Summer 2023 collection, evokes memories of his own KENZO discovery as a teenager and the fashion landscape that surrounded the DC Brand Boom of 1980s’ Japan. It was a time when the work of the internationally renowned Japanese Designers of Paris Fashion Week co-existed with a local influx of casual, pop-driven Character labels distinguishable by their use of colourful and cartoonish animal motifs.

KENZO CHARACTERS: @Nigo introduces re-interpretations of archive Kenzo Takada characteristics, brand new KENZOO motifs manifests the contrast between the two multi-faceted style milieus in Japan: a graphically-driven niche scene imbued with a yearning for the fashion culture of Paris, the spirit of which invigorates the KENZO Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

This season we see the iconic Boke Flower come to life as the KENZO #BOKEBOY mascot, featured throughout the collection as a whimsical highlight.

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