Need Ideas For Dry January? 8 Essentials Booze Alternatives

Need Ideas For Dry January? 8 Essentials Booze Alternatives

Between 12 and 22% of people experience extreme anxiety after drinking. Alcohol makes our inhibitions disappear, and losing control can be anxiety-inducing for many of us. Taking a break from alcohol can help you avoid this anxiety and improve your health.

Need Ideas For Dry January? 8 Essentials Booze Alternatives

But what are you going to do instead? And what drinks can you treat yourself to when you typically drink alcohol?

Keep reading as we discuss the top booze alternatives and ideas for dry January. Who needs alcohol when you’ve got these incredible alternatives?

8 Essential Booze Alternatives For Dry January

Booze can be tempting, and you need an alternative to switch to when you get those cravings. Read these fantastic booze alternatives down below.

Sleepy Tea 

If you like a wine or beer to help you wind down in the evening, try switching to a sleepy tea remedy with chamomile, valerian root, or even CBD. The tea’s natural soothing properties will help you feel calm and have a more refreshing evening. Did you know alcohol can impact your sleep quality by around 9%?

Alcohol isn’t the best way to relax, and by switching to a healthier and more beneficial alternative, you can decompress in the evening and get a fantastic night’s sleep. You’ll wake up feeling more hydrated, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead.

Healthy Soda Drinks

Need Ideas For Dry January? 8 Essentials Booze Alternatives

If you’re out and about, it can be tempting to drink if everyone else is. However, you must come prepared to keep to your dry January commitment. Sticking a healthy soda drink in your purse or bag will give you another option when alcohol is served. Opting for organic flavored waters with a delicious taste will help you to stick to your goal without feeling left out.

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Coffee And Iced Coffee

Sometimes, staying awake and keeping up with your friends and family can be challenging when you’re sober and they’re not. They will be ready to whip out another board game and talk till the sun comes up, but you might want to go to bed. To help you stay alert and keep up with the fun, you can opt for coffee and iced coffee instead of alcohol. You can buy fun-flavored syrups to spice up your coffee and make it fun!

Need Ideas For Dry January? 8 Essentials Booze Alternatives

Hot Chocolate

Who said hot chocolate was just for kids? The cold weather in January makes it the perfect time to start enjoying the wonders of hot chocolate. You can get powdered hot chocolate, or you can even make your own. Add some whipped cream and a chocolate flake, and you won’t miss your glass of wine!


Alcohol tends to push other, more fun drinks out of the picture. A slushie will give you a blast from the past (and a brain freeze). Slushies take a long time to drink, and the sweet flavor will feel like such a treat that you won’t miss beer so much. If you turn to alcohol to treat yourself after a long day’s work, then a slushie makes a great alternative!

Need Ideas For Dry January? 8 Essentials Booze Alternatives


Maybe you’re looking to stay healthy during dry January. If so, drinking hot chocolates and smoothies daily won’t be a great option. Instead, you can invest in your smoothie blender. You can use your blender to make smoothies, sauces, soups, and milkshakes, so you’ll get your money’s worth. 

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Try banana, blueberry, and chia seed smoothies for something sweet, or kiwi, kale, and apple for something refreshing. You can use dry January to become an expert on smoothies. And you can use your cocktail glasses to make fun and decorative smoothie drinks to serve to your friends when they visit!

Protein Shakes

Need Ideas For Dry January? 8 Essentials Booze Alternatives

When you drink alcohol regularly, it can cause deficiencies in protein. This is because it is difficult to distinguish between protein cravings and alcohol cravings. Many people living sober have found that a healthy, protein-rich diet helps manage alcohol cravings. So, try drinking protein shakes whenever you desire to drink.

Alcohol-Free Alternatives

If you love the taste of beer, wine, or cocktails, you can always opt for an alcohol-free alternative. You’ll get the same flavor, just without the alcohol. And, since most alcohol-free drinks look the same as the original, you won’t feel the need to discuss your sober choice with anyone – which can be helpful if your loved ones are prone to encourage you to drink.

cheerful men chatting on backyard and drinking beer


Going sober for January can be a revolutionary experience. But sticking to it can be challenging. Preparing yourself with a list of different alcohol alternatives can help to make the experience more enjoyable and minimize temptation. Hopefully, this list has provided you with some great options for when those cravings kick in! Say goodbye to anxiety, and say hello to more mindful beverages!

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