Y:Project RTW Menswear Spring 2024 Paris cover

Y/Project RTW Spring 2024 Paris

At Paris, the visionary Creative Director, Glenn Martens, Y/Project unveils a breathtaking spectacle; the ethereal spring 2024 collection. In a world where fashion transcends mere fabric and takes on a captivating vitality the moment it graces the human form. With each piece meticulously crafted, these unique creations possess an enchanting power that ignites passion and breathes life into the very essence of fashion itself.

The story of Y/PROJECT’s evolution throughout the years.

The fashion brand was established in 2009 by Yohan Serfaty, with an initial focus on a darker and dystopian design aesthetic. Yohan’s creative vision revolved around avant-garde, high-quality leather, and sculptural garments, drawing inspiration from renowned designer Rick Owens.

Regrettably, in 2013, Yohan Serfaty succumbed to a prolonged battle with cancer. Consequently, Glenn Martens assumed the position of creative director, guiding the brand’s evolution in the following years.

Glenn, having possessed prior experience as an assistant to Serfaty, exhibited a profound understanding of the brand’s essence, rendering him the optimal candidate to advance the brand’s vision. The evolution of Glenn’s distinct design language, recognized in present times, occurred in a gradual and deliberate manner.

He consistently upheld the identical aesthetic for a span of several seasons, gradually incorporating slight modifications in fabrics and silhouettes, progressing incrementally.

Glenn Martens’ artistic repertoire showcased itself through various seasons, offering a glimpse into his world. His collections exhibited a deliberate choice of innovative textiles, abstract designs, an evolving palette of colors, unconventional treatments of denim, and meticulously crafted silhouettes. This amalgamation of elements captivated a wider audience with its unconventional allure and creative ingenuity.

The design approach of the brand consistently revolves around innovation and experimentation, placing great emphasis on abstractism and the importance of individuality. In the realm of fashion, the term “expression” is frequently employed, however, with Y/P, it takes on a literal meaning. The clothing offerings are incredibly expressive, characterized by multiple layers and a rich diversity.

Y/PROJECT Creative Director @glennmartens / styling by @thunder_acidpot / shot by @filippofior / casting by @bitton / production by @backofthehouse / music by @sen_studio / hair by @garygillhair / make-up by @ingegrognard with @makeupforever / special thanks to @chivasfrance @pwpagence

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