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Rediscovered London’s Bad Boy Portrait: Chris Baxter by Issa Yazji

Direct from London, we rrediscovered London’s Bad Boy Portrait featuring Nevs Model Chris Baxter and shooting by photographer Issa Yazji. This classic portrait take us to a time capsule where we set on 50’s/60’s years. The looks of Chris helps us to remind that classic styles never never will change. Some of you might be smoke sensitive, but when is come cigarettes is only an accessory.

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Mariano Vivanco: Most Liked On Instagram 2016

Top photographer Mariano Vivanco has exposure the best pictorial for men only through 2016.

Peruvian born photographer Mariano Vivanco, grew up in New Zealand, where his passion for photography took flight. Inspired by the likes of Edward Steichen and Horst, Mariano moved to London in the year 2000 to pursue his passion for Fashion photography.