Summer is just around the corner, and by this point you’re probably already adding some new summer items to your wardrobe. Especially if you are planning a vacation, buying yourself a few new items is part of the treat, whether or not you are normally interested in fashion. So if you’re getting ready for a vacation in the near future, make sure you don’t leave home without these essentials:

Presents new arrivals at Pull & Bear Beachwear with Xavier Serrano modeling swim shorts, colorful tank tops for this coming Spring and Summer 2015.
Swim Trunks by Pull&Bear

Swim Trunks
This year, the biggest trend in men’s swim trunks is vintage style shorts that are a bit shorter and more fitted than the typical loose fit trunks. Men’s looks this year will feature vintage shorts in bright colors and/or with stripe patterns.

Of course, vintage swim trunks tend to feel more flattering for guys who are confident about their legs. If you aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to a more daring pair of swim trunks, there’s no shame in sticking with a more traditional, longer pair of trunks. But allow yourself some room for self-expression by choosing something with a fun and interesting pattern. Bright reds are very popular this year, as are muted florals. Or for something more fun, try out some American Flag Swim Trunks if your beach vacation coincides with the 4th of July!

Eyewear HAZE Collection debuted its Spring/Summer 2015
Eyewear HAZE Collection debuted its Spring/Summer 2015

Wayfarers are still popular this year as they are a classic look and are flattering for most face types. But if they aren’t your favorite type or you are anxious to try something new, another popular style this year is aviators with metal or plastic frames.

The most important thing with sunglasses: make sure you are getting strong UV protection. If you are investing in a nice pair of sunglasses for your trip, you will want them to be usable to you throughout the rest of the year, and when it comes to your long-term health, having good UV protection really pays off.

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Thinking of what to wear on the sunniest days for summer? We love a relaxed look in printed tees and lightwear shirts, paired with washed denim or fresh chinos!
Clothes by H&M

Comfortable Travel Clothes
If you will be sitting on a flight or in a car for several hours to get to your vacation destination, make sure you have some comfy clothes for the trip. Of course, there’s no reason your comfy clothes can’t also be fashionable. Think soft cottons for comfortable tee shirts and hooded jackets and flattering, all-purpose colors like gray or black that can easily be introduced into your wardrobe, or patterns and brighter colors for flashier looks. This isn’t the most fun part of your vacation wardrobe to plan, but by the end of your trip, you will be glad you remembered these pieces!

Short and Tees by TOPMAN
Short and Tees by TOPMAN

Flattering Shorts and Tees
Even if you’re planning to spend your entire vacation poolside, you should be sure to bring along some flattering pieces to wear to dinner or the bar. You’re probably in the beach town mind frame, so don’t worry about going over the top with your nice looks, but be sure to bring fashion conscious items like some boating style shorts and polos in stripes or bright colors.

One of the season’s most vital trends, the Bomber Jacket is the ideal go-to piece for instant clean cut style as well as being an accessible layering piece. Head over to www.endclothing.co.uk/blog to see some of Spring’s finest bombers.
All-Purpose Outerwear
No one likes a rainy or cold beach vacation, but if you plan ahead, at least it won’t stop all of your fun. Bring along a light-weight rain-proof jacket, preferably with a hood. Even if you don’t get any rain, the beach can get chilly at night and you may be happy to have something warm to wear. It will also come in handy for other vacation activities like hiking, biking, boating, or golf.

Necessary Accessories

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To really have a perfect vacation, make sure you don’t forget these miscellaneous items:

  • A nice beach bag. You will want to remember a backpack, tote bag, or other carrying bag for all of your beach stuff so you don’t constantly have to run back to the hotel every time you need something. Look for comfortable waterproof bags in interesting patterns and colors.Travelteq Trash Inside Out laptop bag
  • UV protection. Don’t forget to take care of your skin! Invest in a high-quality moisturizer with UV protection and a good quality sunscreen. Make sure your sunscreen lists zinc oxide, unless you require special sunscreen for sensitive skin.
  • Water-proof watch and wallet. You’ll be happy to know your watch and wallet are protected while you’re at the beach. You can get lots of stylish options in water-proof materials.
  • Good shoes. You’ll need different shoes for different activities on your vacation. Make sure you have waterproof flip flops or sandals as well as a nicer pair for dinners and going out. Boating shoes will be in style again this year, but check for shoes in unique color arrangements to make a statement. lacostess13shoes3
  • Reading material, frisbee, a beach radio. Don’t forget these staples of the beach vacation! They aren’t accessories, exactly, but you can still get some pretty stylish items in books with vintage covers, patterned frisbees, and portable radios.

Have Fun on Your Vacation!
Trying to look fashionable should only be part of your beach vacation if it is adding to the fun! Plan outfits that will keep you comfortable and happy for a variety of activities to make sure you are getting the most out of your vacation.

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