Palomo Spain Spring/Summer 2020 Paris

Spanish designer Palomo Spain presents “Pompeii” the Spring/Summer 2020 in Paris the first day in Fashion week.

First show in Paris at Ambassade d’Espagne “I have returned to stay,” Alejandro Gómez Palomo said excitedly at the end of his last parade, behind the scenes of one of the salons of the Embassy of Spain in France. “If the budget allows me, Paris is the place to be,” the creator told FashionNetwork.com, who at 27 years also boasts of having paraded in Madrid and New York, or even have been part of of the Met’s latest exhibition: “Camp: Notes on Fashion”. Goya tapestries, paintings by Madrazo, pieces of National Heritage, a warmth of his native Cordoba and the Civil Guard guarding the entrance doors, converted the George V Avenue building into a space tailored for Palomo.

“The lethargy of the man of the future”, read the card of the parade of the next collection Spring/Summer 2020, entitled “Pompeii”. On this occasion, the ephebes of Palomo Spain’s court seemed to resurface from the volcanic ashes, “emerging from the depths to evoke the lost essence and become the man of the future”. A new era, faithful to the origins of the most aristocratic style of the brand, but which was characterized by the revision of its silhouettes. An intense and baroque collection, but with lines somewhat more relaxed than usual and, why not, that also think about its eventual commercialization. Something that breathed in the first looks of nomads in sand tones or accessories: from gladiator sandals to bags and fanny packs of leather.

Also, it is impossible not to mention the feather appliqués, sleeves and some finishes; the jewels, the fringes, the shawls or the lace, as winks to the most Spanish culture; or the layers and dresses of gauze on the fly, which shared protagonism with a checkered pattern that invades clothes and accessories.

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“The inspiration comes from Pink Floyd really”, said Alejandro Gómez Palomo when asked about Pompeii, indicating that the soundtrack of the parade came from the records of the British group. “In this collection there is a lot of psychedelia of the 70s and all that generation. In the end, it has impelled me to take my style to something much more contemporary,” he concluded, overwhelmed by emotion. A transgressor beginning of fashion week, signed by a brand that dilutes gender boundaries and raises them to its maximum potential. A Spanish capote to precede the celebrations of the gay Pride in Paris, this same weekend.

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