Gucci Menswear Fall/Winter 2020 Milan

The invitation to see the new Gucci Menswear Fall/Winter 2020 Milan is finally here, let’s see.

Inside the #GucciFW20 Men’s show space at Palazzo delle Scintille in Milan, a pendulum draws on the sand. 

‘It’s time to celebrate a man who is free to practice self-determination, without social constraints, without authoritarian sanctions, without suffocating stereotypes. A man who is able to reconnect with his core of fragility, with his trembling and his tenderness. A man on his knees in front of surrender, who honors fears and its thorns. A man full of kindness and care,’ from the men’s #GucciFW20 show notes ‘Masculine Plural’ which speak about the toxic stereotypes that mould masculine gender identity. The collection by @alessandro_michele unfolds today in the Palazzo Delle Scintille at 12:30 PM CET.

Gucci stepped out onto a runway that resembled an underground metro station, five years later, the #GucciFW20 men’s collection unfolds in a curious location: the Art Nouveau-style building, Palazzo Delle Scintille—‘Sparks Palace’. Watch the show 

The words ‘Not’ and ‘Fake’ are printed on either side of a leather trimmed GG motif suitcase, designed by Alessandro Michele for the men’s #GucciFW20 collection and captured in an image during the fittings in the lead-up to the fashion show, taking place today at the Palazzo Delle Scintille in Milan.

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