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22 Popular Posts on Fashionably Male: Summary 2022

Here comes, here it is our 22 Popular Posts in Fashionably Male: Summary 2022.

Congratulations on our 10 years of experience in blogging! Blogging can be a rewarding and fulfilling activity, as it allows you to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with a wide audience. We were so lucky to start this project.

Special thanks to all visitors and readers who made this possible. Thanks to all photographers, male models, fashion models, influencers and Instagram models, who works in front of a lens. To all people behind, production, stylists, hair, make up, and thanks to universe to coordinate time and zone to make this happened.

Back to our popular list, we have picked great popular posts on based on amazing stats. The counting was from January to December.

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22 The Cherry of the Cake: Andrew Biernat by Caroline Malouf Boudoir

Starting a good 2022, on January we posted (by popular demand) model and now actor Andrew Biernat by photographer Caroline Malouf Boudoir. The pictures as you can see, are irresistible, Andrew is one good-looking man and he knows it. He knows how to pose and he has so much charisma.

21 Michael Cimino covers Wonderland Magazine Winter 2022

Fresh in the oven, you can still get this print cover on Wonderland Magazine Winter 2022 edition with the cover of actor and singer Michael Cimino.

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20 Argyle Grant Powered by Art Hearts Fashion in New York Fashion Week 2022

Our report in February 2022 about the swimwear brand Argyle Grant in New York Fashion Week was so popular! Powered by Art Hearts Fashion, we collected the pictures because the brand always selected the best gorgeous male models and you know that we can’t resist.

19 Cherub Exists: It’s David by Joan Crisol

The original title was does cherub exist? And Oh my God! Indeed! Madrid based photographer kindly shared this work with hunk on demand the European model Dave.

18 Is NFT the New OnlyFans? Look at Model Andrii Levchenko

We wanted to discuss a topic that we have talked with several people on this subject. NFT demand increased so much this year, and models like Andrii Levchenko are exploring this topic. NFT now is a big tool for so many people who want to in fashion and other industries.

17 Manu Rios for GQ September 2022 Issue

Netflix TV Show Elite the Spanish actor Manu Rios comes witht this incedible editorial published on GQ Spain. Now the actor is working with master director Pedro Almodovar for a coming Western movie for 2023.

16 Not Your Average Model: This is William Edge

Is not a surprise that “average models” rules this list. In this year we introduce you William Edge a top model (very top) OnlyFan creator. He’s very tall and hairy and muscle and melt your heart and other stuff.

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15 How Becoming a Male Escort Helps Increase Yourself Confidence

For sure, writing is part of the blog and so sorry for the grammar, in the following article we explain how becoming a male escort helps increase your self confidence. Read it, you will love it. Not just for male escorts, is for everybody who wants to increase self confidence.

14 Ross Lynch is photographed by Damon Baker

Its actor and musician Ross Lynch in stunning black and white gallery captured by Damon Baker. The London based photographer launched this gallery on Instagram, and we just fell in love. Once again of Baker’s work and Ross.

13 Muskelmann (Muscleman) Work by Mirko Fuhrherr Featuring Kevin

Its always appreciated the work of German photographer Mirko Fuhrherr, beloved friend and great guy, his works speaks for itself. We wanted to give you just a little bit more with this edits featuring Kevin an private dancer from SIXX PAXX. Incredible eight pack!!!

12 William Franklyn-Miller stars on this cover of the new ICON Italia – Out Now!

Beautiful work displaying actor William Franklyn-Miller for ICON Italia November Issue 2022. Get it if you can.

11 A Glimpse Into This Hot Guy: Drazen Perez Photos by MDZ Management

Spanish photographer MDZ Managemente shares his work featuring Drazen. He only wears a towel. Nothing else. Enjoy it.

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10 Exclusive Ramiro Lozano by Tim Asato

Back in March, we made this happen with hunk on demand Ramiro Lozano. In Exclusive for fashionablymale.net Ramiro is shirtless and showing six pack for us!

9 Interview with Michael Yerger

The exclusive interview with Michael Yerger came by the hand of its publishing agency Project Publicity. (Thank you) We couldn’t believe it. The interview with Michael Yerger reached the highest stats in our website.

8 Model Parker van Noord in Marrakech for GQ Korea

Top Model Parker van Noord dazzles in this fashion editorial in Marrakech for GQ Korea. Pictures by Ivan Bidaec.

7 American Idol David Hernandez Reveals Body and Soul in New EP, Don’t @ Me, and Book, #NSFW

Another exclusive presentation of American Idol David Hernandez who launched new EP –where you can listen on your Apple Music–and new book.

6 Beto Urbano takes Walking Jack to Rio!

The work of Brazilian photographer Beto Urbano is exposed here featuring underwear Walking Jack in Rio de Janeiro.

5 Maleficent Gorgeous Figure Ashley Reece

For Halloween we wanted to expose this guy. Ashley Reece is breaking every taboo, not following any rules and everybody loves him.

4 Chris Femat presents Yayu

After a break, photographer Chris Femat shares editorial with hunk now on demand Yayu Esparza. Fabulous gallery, featuring brand Gus Dela Cruz, exclusive ok Fashionablymale.net

3 What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?

We just give what people wanted. Searching on Google Trends, no more. This is a topic that every guy needs to know. What do most men wear to Bed? Read it and you will love the pics attached.

2 Nicky Champa in Naked Photos and People is Crazy About It

When we find about this pictures of Nicky, we just faint. (insert faint meme)

1 It’s YOU Thank you to all 33,660,144 views we have reached in 10 Years.

Let’s go for another 10! Are you ready?

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2023.

  1. Thanks for a great 2022, and for bringing all your readers so may memorable posts.

    Hope 2023 is your best year yet!

    • fashionablymale

      Jeff. Thank you so much for your kindly words. Appreciate it.

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