We Meet Marco Coluccia Thanks to Andrea Salvini

Ok, we are trying to stay calm and not to pass out after see the attractive images from model, actor, and also musician, calisthenics fan Marco Coluccia an Italian long haired gorgeous guy recently portrayed by Andrea Salvini.

Salvini and Coluccia get around to make this intimate portrait at Rome Italy – Ponte Milvio – a North side from Rome.

In the images where we can see a very sexy Italian stallion, so so sexy Marco is shirtless and has a fabulous long hair.

Take a look:

Marco Coluccia by Andrea Salvini1Marco Coluccia by Andrea Salvini2Marco Coluccia by Andrea Salvini3Marco Coluccia by Andrea Salvini4Marco Coluccia by Andrea Salvini5Marco Coluccia by Andrea Salvini6



Photographer Andrea Salvini @iamandreasalvini  + @iamandreasalviniplus
Model Marco Coluccia @mark.coluccia

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